All kinds of cats

All kinds of cats


Cats are one of the most popular pets for humans, and they were domesticated by humans about 9,500 years ago. Cats are predators, so they have teeth and a digestive system that specializes in digesting meat, and they also have a strong sense of smell and hearing, and are able to see in the dark. Cats are known to sleep an average of 13-14 hours per day, and some cats may sleep nearly 20 hours; In order to conserve its energy, it prefers to sleep in sunny areas during the day because it listens to heat and exposure to the sun, and unlike humans, it is not bothered by high temperatures until its body temperature almost reaches 52 degrees Celsius. [1]

Cats are famous for their love to play, especially the small ones, and they love climbing and sitting in high places, and even when they fall from a height, they can adjust their position so that they touch the ground with their four sides. And most cats hate immersion in water, except for the Turkish Van breed, which is characterized by its love, as it is very watery, so it is called a swimming cat. Female cats give birth to 3-5 kittens in one abdomen, kittens are small in size and blind at birth.

The most famous cat breeds

There are many cat breeds, but the most famous are the following: [2] [3]

  • Siamese cat: Siamese cats are characterized by markings or areas of a different color from the body on the face, ears, feet and tail, although there may be some Siamese cats that do not have these markings, and many Siamese cats have a tail that ends in a knot. Some Siamese cats have an apple-like head and stocky body, and some have a larger head and slender body.
  • Persian Cat: A cat with a cute face and a short snout, also called the Iranian cat, or the Persian cat after the city of Shiraz in Iran, and is characterized by long and beautiful fur. It does not have a specific color, but you can find Persian cats in almost all colors.
  • Maine Coon: One of the most famous cats, it is large in size with thick fur, often striped brown, but can be found in any other color. Maine Coin cats have an extra toe that increases the size of the foot; It is an adaptation that helps him to hunt when it snows.
  • Ragdoll Cat (English: Ragdoll Cat): one of the obedient cats that loves to relax, and its character is similar to that of dogs, as it tends to chase its owners around the house, and it is similar to Siamese cats in terms of long fur. , and blue eyes.
  • Bengal cat: The name of these cats is derived from the Bengal tiger, because it is the product of a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian tiger; Therefore, they are distinguished by their spotted fur and a wild appearance, although they are pet cats.
  • Abyssinian cat (in English: Abyssinian: It is one of the cats that has a unique fur where one hair of the fur is colored in a light color and the other in a dark color, so cats often appear with red and orange fur, which is the most common color of Abyssinian cats, but there are also Abyssinian cats in cinnamon, Or blue, or light yellow.
  • Burman cat (English: Birman): A cat similar to the Siamese cat, it has blue eyes except that its fur is of medium length, and it also resembles a ragdoll cat. This is not surprising, because the Ragdoll cat is a hybrid of the Birman cat, but it may differ from him by some signs and his personality is different from the Ragdoll cat.
  • Oriental Shorthair: A cat similar to the Siamese cat, except that it differs from it in the color of its eyes, which are often green, as well as the variety of its colors and fur patterns, and although this cat is often short-haired - which It makes him susceptible to skin cancer and colds - with the exception of some cats of this breed that have hair of different lengths.Pharaonic cat
  • (English: Sphynx): A breed of active and social cat, it is unique in the absence of fur covering its skin. Devon Rex cat
  • Devon Rex: Active cats love to play, are slender, have short wavy hair and are soft to the touch, and have large eyes. Himalayan cat
  • Himalayan cat: Similar to the Siamese cat, it is the result of a cross between a Persian cat and a Siamese cat. American shorthair cat
  • (English: American Shorthair): a round-faced cat, with short ears, and as its name indicates, it is short-haired, and is characterized by intelligence.
  • Exotic Cat: A hybrid breed similar to the Persian cat, but with shorter fur, calm and gentle, and does not need as much fur care as the Persian cat. British Shorthair
  • British Shorthair Cat: The oldest of the British breeds of cats, often shown with blue fur, but this does not preclude the existence of cats of other colors belonging to this breed, which are moderately active cats. Scottish Fold-eared Cat
  • Scottish Fold Cat: These kittens are born with straight ears, but they fold when they reach the third or fourth month of life. A domestic cat or a domestic cat:
  • (English: domestic cat): The oldest of the cat breeds, there are cats of all colors and patterns, and they are very diverse, including large and small cats, stocky or slender, depending on their lineage and nutrition. Names of different cat breeds

In addition to the above breeds, there are several breeds of cats, namely: [4][5][6][7]

norwegian forest cat

  • (English: Norwegian Forest Cat): Its origin is from Norway. Burmese cat
  • (English: Burmese): originally from Burma. Siberian cat
  • (English: Siberian): Originated from Russia. Tonkies cat
  • (English: Tonkinese): origin from Canada. Russian blue cat
  • (English: Russian Blue): Its origin is from Russia. The Egyptian Mau cat
  • (English: Egyptian Mau): Its origin is from Egypt. The Australian cat
  • (English: Ocicat): Originally from the United States.Singapore cat
  • (English: Singapura): Originally from Singapore. The Manx cat
  • (English: Manx): It comes from the Isle of Man. The Japanese short-tailed cat
  • (English: Japanese Bobtail): Its origin is from Japan. Rex never
  • (English: Selkirk Rex): Originally from the United States. American curly-eared cat
  • (English: American Curl): Originally from the United States. Didn't buy it
  • (English: Chartreux): Originally from France, a Somali cat
  • (English: Somali): It is originally from Somalia. The Turkish Angora cat
  • (English: Turkish Angora): Its origin is from Turkey. Colored short-haired cat
  • (English: Colourpoint Shorthair): Originally from the United States.Balinese cat
  • (English: Bali): Originally from the United States. Tramp or Ragamofin
  • (English: Ragamuffin): Originally from the United States. European Burmese cat
  • (English: Burmese, European): originally from Burma. Mumbai cat
  • (English: Bombay): originally from the United States. Havana brown cat
  • (English: Havana Brown): Origin from the United Kingdom. American Bobtail cat
  • (English: American Bobtail): Originally from the United States. Turkish Van Cat
  • (English: Turkish Van): Origin from Turkey. Burmilla Cat (English: Burmilla): Originally from the United Kingdom.
  • LaPerm: Originally from the United States.
  • Korat cat, or karat cat (English: korat): its origin is from Thailand.
  • American Wirehair: Originally from the United States.
  • California Spangled Cat: Originally from the United States.
  • Fictional cat, or Cymric: Originally from Canada.
  • Munchkin cat (English: Munchkin): Originally from the United States.
  • The Nibelung cat (in English: Nebelung): It is originally from the United States.
  • Savannah cat (English: Savannah): Originally from the United States.
  • Snowshoe cat: originally from the United States.
  • Toy cat (English: Toyger): Origin from the United States.
  • Australian cat, or York Chocolate Cat: originally from the United States.
  • Aegean cat: originally from Greece.
  • Arabian cat (English: Arabian Mau): It is originally from the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Tiffany's cat (in English: Asian Semi-longhair): originally from the United Kingdom.
  • Bambino cat: originally from the United States.
  • Brazilian Shorthair Cat (English: Brazilian Shorthair): Originally from Brazil.
  • British medium length cat hair (English: British shorthair): originally from the United Kingdom.
  • Chantilly Cat - Tiffany (English: Chantilly Tiffany): originally from the United States.
  • Chausse cat or Chaucese cat ((English:: Chausie): The origin is from Egypt.
  • Cypriot cat (English: Cyprus): Its origin is from Cyprus.