The best dogs in the world

The best dogs in the world


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  • best dogs in the world
    • 2.1 German Shepherd dogs
    • 2.2 Doberman dogs
    • 2.3 Rottweiler dogs
    • 2.4 dogs urine mastiff
    • 2.5 Rhodesian dogs
    • 2.6 puppy dogs
    • 2.7 Komondor dogs
    • 2.8 Giant Schnauzer dogs
    • 2.9 American Akita dogs
    • 2.10 Tosa Inu . dogs

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  • The best dogs in the world


Dogs are considered mammals, and canines are carnivores, and are distinguished by their strength, multiplicity of types, and the possibility of benefiting from them in many areas, such as guarding, fun, and hunting, in addition to their many distinctive qualities, such as loyalty; Due to its ability to recognize its owner, and remember it after a long time, and in this article we will introduce you to the best dogs in the world.

The best dogs in the world

German Shepherd dogs

German Shepherd dogs are one of the best types of guard dogs in the world, so they are widely used in guarding private properties, homes, and livestock; Because of its intelligence, strength, and high learning speed, it has been used in police and military departments; Because of her loyalty, and her great love for her owner.

Doberman dogs

This type of dog is distinguished by its agility, high speed, and loyalty to its owner, so it is widely used in guarding, and it must be noted that he always feels distinguished from other types of dogs, in addition to his self-esteem.

Rottweiler dogs

Rottweilers are guard dogs by instinct and instinct. They are known for their medium to somewhat large size, and are distinguished by their sharp intelligence, and their need for special and special treatment from their owner; Because they may turn into fierce dogs if their owner mistreats them, or treats them.

urine mastiff dogs

Bull Mastiff dogs are strong, self-confident dogs, in addition to their ability to defend their owners, and the area in which they are located; Due to its strong defensive instinct, its keen interest in strangers, and its large size.

Rhodesian dogs

These dogs originate from South Africa, and are distinguished by their intelligence, loyalty, and agility, in addition to the need for intensive training by experts, so beginners are not advised to breed them.

puppy dogs

Poly dogs are distinguished by their thick fur, medium size, and ease of education and training; Because of their sharp intelligence, they are usually used to guard property, such as homes and cars.

Komondor dogs

This type is similar to puppies in size. It is distinguished by its large size, and its whitish color, bearing in mind that it is of Hungarian origins, and the Russians used it in the Second World War; To imprison German soldiers when they entered homes.

Giant Schnauzer dogs

This type of dog is characterized by its calmness, its large size, and its love to stay beside its owner, in addition to its ease of training, and its understanding of things, but it is recommended to raise it with another type of dog; Because he prefers to live in a group rather than alone.

American Akita dogs

This type is characterized by its large size, the difficulty of training, and being one of the attacking and fierce dogs, as well as the elegance of its appearance, strength, and its head similar to the head of a bear. cold mountainous regions.

Tosa Inu dogs

The origin of these dogs dates back to Japan, and they are distinguished by their intelligence, jaw strength, large size, large head, and strength, which is why they are used to guard homes.