The most famous types of cats in the world

The most famous types of cats in the world


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    • 2.1 Abyssinian cat
    • 2.2 Australian Mist Cat
    • 2.3 Balinese cat
    • 2.4 Bombay cats
    • 2.5 Siberian cat
    • 2.6 Tonkinese cat
    • 2.7 Persian cat
    • 2.8 Egyptian Mau cat

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the cats

It is one of the types of mammals, of the feline family, and is characterized by its love for exposure to sunlight and heat, so it usually sleeps in places exposed to sunlight during the day, and it must be noted that there are many types of cats different from each other in their formal and behavioral specifications, In this article, we will introduce you to the types of cats.

types of cats

Abyssinian cat

It is one of the types of cats distinguished by its short hair, its love for pampering and care, in addition to its beautiful shape, its large erect ears, its beautiful green, copper, golden or honey-colored eyes, its small paws, and its thin legs proportional to its body, in addition to its long tail, and its multiple colors Among its main colors are red and black.

Australian Mist Cat

It is a cat that is distinguished by its medium size, round head, short hair that covers all of its body, large green eyes, and its color that varies between golden and brown.

Balinese cat

This type of cat originates in America, and is characterized by its long silky hair in the front, short in the back, and thick, in addition to its light body, muscles, long tail, and blue eyes. This type of cat can marry with Siamese cats, which leads to the production of a Siamese generation, While mating with the same species to produce a Balinese generation.

Bombay cat

The Bombay cat is a modern breed, and it is distinguished by its black color, medium size, round and yellow eyes, and round head, in addition to its intelligence. It must be noted that it prefers to live in homes, as it feeds on meat.

Siberian cat

The origin of the Siberian cat goes back to the Russian mountains, and it has many characteristics, including the color of its green, golden or blue eyes, and its thick, beautiful, and colorful hair. It may be cream, silver, red, or brown, and it must be noted that it is a cat Friendly, who prefers to sit with her owners all the time.

cat tonkies

It is one of the types of cats resulting from crossbreeding between Siamese cats and Burmese cats, and is characterized by its short hair, long ears, long nose, bluish-green almond eyes, and brown, light blue, or blue-gray hair.

persian cat

This type is characterized by its long hair, and its love for sleeping for long periods, in addition to the thickness of its bones, and its distinctive shape, which is why many people prefer to have it.

Egyptian Mau cat

This species is distinguished by its agility, medium size, and almond eyes of green or yellow color, in addition to its long tail, and its different colors. It also contains some bronze, charcoal, or smoky marks. It is also known for its speed of learning, intelligence, and calmness.