The Cutest Baby Peacocks You'll Ever See.

The Cutest Baby Peacock You'll Ever See.
Baby Peacock

Peacocks are vastly popular in the animal kingdom. They're known for their bright feathers that range from blue and green to pink and purple, and for their beautiful tails. This baby peacock has all of these traits, and it's just too adorable not to share with everyone! The photos were taken by Lorna Nye, a resident in Mount Vernon, Washington. 

Lorna adopted this little guy from her local humane society after his mother couldn't care for him any longer. With his soft feathers, rainbow-colored beak, and long tail feathers - he's the perfect addition to her family!

Baby Peacock

is Adorable

Lorna Nye is the proud owner of a new peacock, and it's just too adorable to not share! She adopted him from her local humane society. Lorna has other peacocks on her property already, but they don't interact with this baby.

He loves to take naps in the sun, play with the family dog, and eat his favorite meal - watermelon! It's safe to say this little one was meant for Lorna. We hope he continues to grow up happy!

The cutest baby peacock you'll ever see

The baby peacock in these photos was adopted by Lorna Nye after he lost his mother. His soft feathers, rainbow-colored beak, and long tail feathers make him the perfect addition to her family!

Where do peacocks live?

Peacocks live in places like India and Africa. They live in the jungle and eat fruit and seeds.

What is a peacock's habitat?

  • Peacocks are native to India and the surrounding areas. But they're also found in other places, like Texas and South Africa.

The peacock is a popular bird that's part of the pheasant family. While there are many types of peacocks, most have bright feathers and a long tail that can be more than three feet long!

The peahen is usually brown or gray with speckles, while the peacock has showy feathers on his head and back. His tail is typically made up of two long "fan" feathers called "tail feathers." These feathers can grow up to 10 inches in length. It's an interesting fact that both sexes have these amazing tails, but only the males display them for all to see.

What do they eat?

  • Peacocks are omnivores. They eat fruits, vegetables, seeds, and insects.
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How do they reproduce? 

Peacocks are polygamous animals, meaning they're capable of mating with more than one female at a time. Males will usually mate with two females during the breeding season, which is typically in the springtime.

The females won't leave their nests to lay eggs, but males will often go to different nests and fertilize each female's eggs. It takes about six weeks for the eggs to hatch, and when they do they'll be ready to look for food on their own!

Why are peacocks popular in the animal kingdom?

Peacocks are popular in the animal kingdom because they're brightly colored, making them easier for predators to see. This makes peacocks less likely to be hunted. They also have long feathers to help them fly away from danger.

Colorful animals like peacocks are also popular with people! Who can resist taking tons of pictures when they see one?

White Peacock

What's a peacock without its colorful plumage? Truly a sight in the wild, a peacock with its signature long, colorful feathers is beautiful. But, when it comes to peacocks in captivity, the colors may be lacking. 

  • In captivity, they can lack the bright colors that make them so popular in nature. This little guy has them in spades! 
  • Lorna's photo captures the true beauty of this baby bird and reminds us all that even though we may not be able to roam free and fly like these graceful creatures - we can still be free and enjoy life just as much.

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