The Freaky Facts About Baby Peacocks.

Baby peacocks are so cute! Some people even think they’re creepy. But did you know that baby peacocks use their feathers to act as a blanket? Or that male and female peacocks can both be called peacocks? Read on for some more interesting facts about the common, yet misunderstood, baby peacock.

Baby Peacocks

The Freaky Facts About Baby Peacocks.

All peacocks, whether they are a baby or not, have a feathery body and a big head. But what do you call a baby peacock?

If you guessed “peacock,” you’re right! This is true as well for males and females. In fact, the word “peacock” comes from an old English word meaning “to show off.”

Peacocks are known for their extravagant feathers that cover their entire body—even underneath. Baby peacocks need these feathers to act like blankets in the cold weather.

Baby peacocks also need their long-tailed feathers to help them fly! If they didn't have them they would be like any other bird with short wings and could never fly away from danger.

Peacocks can also make noise by rattling their tails against the ground or shaking their feathers. You can tell if there's danger nearby by how loud it is!

Baby Peacocks: All You Need To Know

  • Do you know how some people say baby peacocks are creepy?
  • They are not! Baby peacocks are cute, fluffy, and they have the most amazing feathers. But did you know that baby peacocks use their feathers to act as a blanket?
  • Or that male and female peacocks can both be called peacocks?

We're here to answer all your questions about baby peacocks. Read on for some more interesting facts about the common, yet misunderstood, baby peacock!

What does a baby peacock look like?

Baby peacocks are born with grey feathers, but their feathers quickly turn into different colors. Male baby peacocks have dark blue or greenish-black plumage, while female baby peacocks have brown, bronze, or silver plumage.

What’s interesting about baby peacocks is that they have a “blanket” of feathers over their heads and necks to keep them warm when they are babies. It looks like a big fluffy scarf!

Baby Peacocks

How big is a baby peacock?

Baby peacocks are typically six to eight inches long. They will grow to be about three feet in length, which is about the size of a grown man's arm.

How much do baby peacocks weigh?

Baby peacocks weigh around 3.2 ounces at birth. That might not seem like much, but it's more than most other birds in the world.

What is a baby peacock called?

Baby peacocks can be called both peacocks and peafowls. Peacocks are the male, and peahens are the female. The female is typically lighter in color than the male.

What do juvenile peacocks look like?

Baby peacocks are born with their baby feathers. These baby feathers are called down. Baby peacocks look similar to adult ones, but they are much smaller in size.

Baby Peacocks

What is a group of baby peacocks called?

A group of baby peacocks is called a peacockery.

What do baby peacocks eat?

Baby peacocks are self-sufficient from the moment they are born. They are born with soft, downy feathers that act as a blanket, so baby peacocks don't need to be fed. Baby peacocks live on their own in the nest for two months before they're big enough to leave the nest and explore their surroundings.

Female peacocks lay up to four eggs at a time. The eggs hatch after about 28 days of incubation; by this time, the babies are too big for the mother's body to cover them with her feathers like she used to do when they were small. Young peacocks roam around looking for food and shelter. They might even try to fly!

While adult peacocks eat insects, berries, and plants, baby peacocks eat nothing; instead, they rely on the nutrients stored in their mother's body while she was pregnant with them.

What do peacock eggs look like?

Peacocks lay 3-5 eggs at a time. The eggs are usually green or blue with brown spots all over. They’re around 7 cm long and they can weigh about 150g.

How many eggs do peacocks lay?

Overall, peacocks lay an average of 3-5 eggs per year. This is about the same as other common birds, like chickens or turkeys.

How long do peacock eggs take to hatch?

Baby peacocks are known as chicks. Chicks grow in the egg for about two to five weeks before they hatch. When they first hatch, they are called peapods, because their feathers are still soft and fragile.

Baby Peacocks

When do peacocks lay eggs?

Peacocks lay eggs in the springtime. And, like most birds, peacocks will lay more eggs if they have ample food and space to nest.

How do peacocks feed their chicks?

Peacocks live in herds and mate for life. They feed their chicks by pecking at their feathers to get them to regurgitate food into the chicks’ mouths.

How do baby peacocks learn to hunt and forage?

Baby peacocks are born with the ability to hunt and forage. Immediately after they hatch, they follow their mother to find food.

But baby peacocks don't just follow their mother blindly; they stay within a certain radius of her to avoid predators like foxes and dogs. Baby peacocks can take care of themselves in this way, but mom will likely make sure the young ones are fed before she eats herself.

It's not uncommon for baby peacocks to experience some trauma in their early life, like getting separated from their parents when they're young or having trouble finding enough food when they're older. But when baby peacocks are raised by humans, they usually do just fine provided that there is an abundance of places for them to explore and plenty of opportunities to learn how to hunt and forage without the threat of predators present.

When can baby peacocks fly?

Baby peacocks can fly when they're about a year old. However, this doesn't mean that they're in full control of their wings yet. You'll often see baby peacocks falling from trees or jumping from the ground. Their parents will always help them back up, but this is so nice to see!

When do baby peacocks leave their nests?

Baby peacocks leave their nests after about two months. This is when they start to get their feathers and can fend for themselves.

Baby Peacocks

Do peacocks reuse nests?

Nope! Unlike many other birds, which reuse their nests year after year, peacocks don't. They build a new nest every mating season when they find a new mate. This is so they can attract more females to their nest and have more chicks.

In the wild, this is called “female choice.” Female peacocks choose the males that will father their chicks. You might think this is unfair—after all, if a female chooses a male with the good territory and a healthy food supply, the potential fathers are going to be happy about it too. But what about the lady peacocks who were rejected? Well, it turns out that they still get something from this deal: they can choose from any of the available males to make sure their future offspring has the best genes possible.

So even though not all females get chosen, they still have some control over how they reproduce!

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