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5 Simple Tricks to Teach Your Dog

When training your dog to do special tricks you need to have the appropriate equipment. In this article you will learn what you need for such training.

5 Simple Tricks to Teach Your Dog

 instruction book and clicker. You will also need several treats to carry and obtain them from since your dog training will be effective in getting your dog to perform a trick or two and you will reward him immediately when he does it right.

Let's start with " Speak"

This is a trick that is good for one on one training. Hold a treat that your dog loves in-between your thumb and forefinger. Hold it in front of his nose but do not let him eat it. When your dogs' attention is on the treat between your thumb and forefinger close your lips so that his head follows the treat and makes him stick his nose in between your fingers.

If his nose does not move in the direction of the treat press the button slightly as you praise him and give him the treat. Repeat this process a few times until he prefects your instruction and when it does, press the button so he knows how to act.This trick is especially useful with a chihuahua, which is too small to carry treats.

You can use this instruction to teach him to speak. Hold a treat in front of his nose and say "speak". When it is done correctly give him the treat. If he does not do it on the first try say "good speak" and praise him and give him the treat. Then begin the second step of "speak" and keep repeating it until he perfects the trick.One of the most popular tricks to teach your dog is "roll over". This is a good trick to teach if you want to tire him out or stay up all night. Simply get him to lie down facing the ceiling and begin to roll him over. Keep repeating the process a few times until he gets the idea. Puppies like to chew and play and they would surely love to chew on your hand. Potential dental problems such as tartar and gingivitis are also very possible and with "roll over" you can prevent it.

Some Less Tiring Tricks

deceased prefers "take a nap" and "Take a nap". Have your dog lie down in front of you and say "Take a nap". Then gently pull his leash forward while firmly pushing down on his shoulders until he begins to sleep. Sleep him for a few minutes and then release him and praise him. After the sleep say "Take a nap" and repeat the activity again. Don't forget to gush up when your dog is sound asleep. He will love your touch.

If "place" is an option use it. Particularly when he has been rescued and placed at the residence of some friends or family. Place him in a position where he can see the door and go out at his leisure. You can make him get in position by leading him to it. If necessary place him on his stomach and give him a quick hug.

One of my favorite dog training tricks is to teach the dog to put his head down while making soft whimpering sounds. The reason I do this is so that I can nudge him or try to wake him up. If I want to I can say " Wake up" to get him up. After he gets up I can say "Put your head down". In the beginning I simply had to open my mouth so I could wag my finger at him and make him look up at me. After awhile he simply looks at me and wets himself because he knows that I'm the one who called him. I simply believe that dogs should do whatever they were bred to do and this is an example of that. While I'm not fond of saying anything negative about our beloved Alaskan Huskies, I do have a few concerns. I'm not a big fan of leaving a dog in the house all day and I know that they have a short life span. In the last few years I have had to deal with urinary tract infections in my girl and I had to have her spayed. I also watch her closely for any temper tantrums. If you do not have a wife or a girl, just be a responsible dog owner. Consider how you would feel if your wife left you baby alone all day every day? How would you feel if you had to move back home and your mother stayed back to care for you? It is important to remember that our dogs do not understand charging into a room and knocking the baby over when they see their favorite older dog. The baby and the dog are in a neutral territory, you are in a territory and the dog must understand that you are the bigger dog and he is a smaller dog.

With all that said, enjoy your dog. Molly, is by far the best friend to have around the house;