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5 Useful Tips to Trim Dog Nails

It is important to regularly trim your dog's nails. Unfortunately, many owners are not familiar with how to do this. trimming your dog's nails can be a stressful endeavor especially if your pooch has dark nails. The quick outlook shows that the trimming of a dog's nails is necessary in maintaining the foot's safety. Each and every dog has its own preference as to how the nails should be trimmed, however, it doesn't mean that your pooch has to suffer.

5 Useful Tips to Trim Dog Nails

Although it may be anxious to get up from your comfortable spot, don't let your heart stop you. The trimming of your dog's nails is a necessary step that must be done even if you feel badly about it.

One of the reasons is that by trimming its nails, you can avoid painful reactions from its nails to its walking and running activities. If you feel that your pet is refusing to eat or drinking that it is usually doing, it may be feeling dehydrated or even severe hypothermia. One easy trick to help your pooch to get up from its lethargy is to moisten the dog's food or even its own food in order to bring up its body temperature. Another reason for the pooch not feeling well may be its cuteness. Your loving pet is actually getting sick from stress or pain. While you and your veterinarian are trying to determine the exact reasons for your best friend not feeling well, it is a good idea to let it continue with its regular activities such as playing or running. If it is overweight, you can also give it a few bagels under the bed.

Here are some tips that you can take into account in trimming your dog's nails:

1. Choose the right tools.

Having the right tools such as clippers, brushes and even nail clippers is going to help you be able to trim your dog's nails without any kind of complications. It is important that the pet is able to trust you enough to allow it to own and interact with the vet or your care provider. This relationship builds up between you and your pooch. It may allow you to trim the nails even without your presence.

2. Teaching your dog to let your Hair trim its nails.

Most dogs are not really too fond of having their nails touched. It is going to take a couple of trial and errors before your pet gets used to having its nails trimmed. The trick here, is to make your pet completely comfortable with your activities before you begin. This can be done by rewarding your dog each time it lets you handle its paws. Slowly and gradually, your pet will get used to this routine.

3. Get a comfortable area.

Once your pet got used to the tools you are going to use, it is now time to get a comfortable area for the nail clipper. Remember, this is going to be a delicate procedure. Use a dental pad, washcloth or soft sponge to clean your pooch's nails. If you are not comfortable with the process, talk to your veterinarian or an expert groomer.

4. Get the job done.

After repeating the process a few times, your dog will get used to having his or her nails trimmed. Give your pet a treat and praise its good behavior. If you see your pooch displaying signs of stress, it is best to give your pet a small treat to placate your pet. Talk to your pet in a soothing voice. Your pet will relax once the appointment is over.

5. Be done by the end of the day.

Once you finish trimming your dog's nails, be sure to finish the whole day without letting your pet hold a grudge against you. It is still important to give your pet its daily dose of petting and affection. Slowly, build up your pet's trust in you and the procedure will become easier.