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Are Some of Our Dog Foods Healthy?

Since commercial pet foods first came into being dogs world have changed dramatically. Dogs have been subjected to manmade pesticides, exposed to cancer causing preservatives, have been over bred, mated, and the list goes on. The domestication of dogs has resulted in dogs being made into what many consider to be our best friends, but, for many years our dogs have also been misled and lead to believe that they need certain foods.

Are Some of Our Dog Foods Healthy

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself why some of the ingredients in our dog food seem to be so unhealthy and so earth friendly when there are threats and problems associated with many of these ingredients? Let me take just a few minutes to answer this question for you.

Our dog foods usually contain a variety of ingredients that are acceptable for us humans, however, there are a variety of acceptable ingredients that are acceptable for our dogs. These ingredients while not on the label or the ingredient label of the dog food doesn't indicate that they contain less toxins or have less potential to cause harm.

There are many acceptable ingredients that go into our dog foods today, however, most of us have probably heard about the recalls of dog food earlier this year because of contaminated ingredients. These recalls because of cases of contamination and tainting of dog food resulted in many families buying their dogs food from pet food manufacturers or visiting their veterinarians to find a solution to prevent the fear of long term illness or death.

Unfortunately, this is becoming common in the dog food industry with products being recalled after Salmonella contamination. While all IW sources are a Beware for inclusion in your dog's food there are also products that are acceptable to be consumed by our dogs. These ingredients include:

Natural Ingredients that are OK for Your Dog:

NaturalGarliccup carrot tea - His may be a good source of vitamins and minerals that supply our dog important properties like recommended for cancer fighters, antihistamine, asthma relief, high energy, bright shiny coat, and for a healthy skin and glossy coat.

Pumpkinvisit chocolate - It contains theobromine which is a cardiac stimulant and diuretic. Theobromine will either increase your dog's heart rate or may cause vomiting to which dogs are especially susceptible.

Tomatometer - This ingredient may not have the same level of danger to your dog as regular chocolate because it has not been proven to cause serious illness.

anklebitor - A relatively new ingredient on the American market that is reported to be harmless even to dogs that consume small amounts.

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  8. Beefs Lexetr once used to be the ingredient, however, the German Type Beef measured better than the beef present in many dog foods.
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These animal products contain an enzyme called avidin that can interfere with Vitamin B strips. This can cause a healthy dog to have a severe reaction and even death has been known from a severe anaphylactic shock.