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Cat Breeds That Will Make You Fall In Love At First Sight

From fantastic fur and majestic markings to adorable paws and adorable eyes, these adorable cat breeds will make you fall in love with them no matter how hard you resist. Just take a look at our Most Affectionate Cat Breeds list, featuring 16 of the cutest cats you can own. There are many affectionate cat breeds that show a lot of love and attention to their owners despite their high social needs.

Cat Breeds That Will Make You Fall In Love At First Sight

Sphynx will love you and want to be by your side all the time because you are warm, but you can still treat it as affection. Another breed commonly referred to as a canine and denoting how fond the Burmese cat is to its owner, the Siberian is very loyal and promises to follow you around the house (especially in the cold). The downside is that they hate being left alone, so they may not be the ideal breed if your lifestyle means you'll be away from home for extended periods of time.

The Himalayan cat loves to receive attention and affection from its owners and is playful. Whether rescue cats of any breed are abandoned by their owners, found as kittens or friendly homeless people, rescue cats can be incredibly affectionate, often forming strong bonds with their adoptive parents after a period of adjustment. The Ragdoll cat loves attention and the love of cuddling, but doesn't get offended when their human family members are too busy to spend time with them, making them one of the low maintenance cat breeds.

The docile and loving Ragdoll gets its name from its tendency to relax and limp when picked up. If you're looking for a big cat to hug, the Ragdoll is the perfect breed. The powerful Maine Coon loves to be picked up and hugged, hence the name "ragdoll".

This breed is not only playful and affectionate, but also intelligent and easy to train. Give Maine Coons a warm place to rest and plenty of pets, and they will become your best feline friends for life. Maine Coons are affectionate cats that love to be stroked, which is a good thing, as they need to be brushed regularly to keep their coat soft and supple.

Although the gorgeous Bengal cat may look like a jungle cat, they are very friendly and loving companions. Burmese cats are sable and Bombay kittens are all black, but both cat breeds are among the most loving of cats. Add to this the affectionate nature of the Scottish Fold, which they are not shy about showing off to all family members, and you may have just found the friendliest cat breed. Abyssinians are the best companions you can have because they are so dependent on love and affection that you can be cared for and nurtured.

All of the cats on our list are easy to care for, have unique personalities that are easy to fall in love with, and are even considered low maintenance cats. Whether you're looking for an active or lazy cat, one that loves the outdoors, one that often talks or is quiet, or one that loves children and other animals, you'll find what you're looking for right here on our list of the best cats. for first owners. Cat breeder Anthony Hutcherson, the incoming president of the International Cat Association's Bengal Cat Breeds Committee, invited cat breeder Anthony Hutcherson to check out CBS MoneyWatch cat breed prices, temperament, and research.

Ragdoll cats are quite docile, with a laid-back temperament that makes them easy for beginners to care for. One of the largest cat breeds, the Ragdoll is also one of the most affectionate, often referred to as feline kittens due to their canine nature. Ragdolls are extremely meek and friendly and often seek human companionship, such as following people around the house, sleeping with their owners, or letting them go. Ragdoll cats are especially good with children and other pets and easily learn the same tricks as dogs, such as playing ball, rolling, or begging.

Rogues get a lot of attention from their people, as well as regular play, and even walking on leash. Ragamuffin cats generally get along well with other cats and dogs and have a calm temperament, making them great family pets. Ragamuffins are remarkably beautiful big cats that can weigh up to 20 pounds, but they are gentle giants with loving, sweet personalities that are easy to spot. Russian Blues can be shy at first, but once you get the hang of it, they can be playful and cute.

While they are happy to live with family members and even other pets, Russian blues tend to form a deep bond with only one person. Cats offer unconditional love that can equal (and sometimes surpass) many human friends and confidants. Excited, curious, intelligent and loving, this cat breed usually displays a calm demeanor and can adapt to a variety of home environments.