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Dog Shows - A Great Showcase For Breed

Dog shows are competitions that are conducted to determine the skill of the individual dog and as a consequence, the breed. Dog shows are lots of fun and it is a great way to compare dogs in agility, obedience, herding and other skill. In past years, dog shows have been on the rise and this is for a good reason. Let's face it, all dog shows are on the upswing.

Dog Shows

Dog shows are lots of fun. Most of them are family events and they are frequently to be seen and meet with family and friends. Months of preparation will be devoted to this event of the year -- your dog must be well-trained and well-prepared and it would help indeed to meet the expectations of the owner. This can be a very time absorbing and sometimes frustrating event.

However, if you intend to participate in shows organized by Kennel Clubs, then you must do a dog show training once your puppy is fully grown. It is a good idea to call in some help from a professional dog trainer for this project. By considering these two simple tips, you will better be able to get along with your dog and produce the best possible results.

When you are training your puppy, it is a wonderful opportunity for you to be with your dog and spend time bond with your friend. One of the most important rules in dog training is to always be patient with your dog and never, ever lose your your temper.

The ideal time for you begin to train your puppy is when they are 8 weeks old or younger. It is the age of oral investigation and play and there is simply no better time to introduce the idea of training dogs than this early. In fact, 8 weeks is a good time to begin if you want to make sure that you have started training your puppy correctly.

A dog will not understand your spoken commands until it is at about 12 weeks of age. This is why it is a good idea to begin your training before age 12 weeks. Your puppy is so young and is going through lots of physical, social and mental development.

It is at age 12 weeks-16 weeks that you would want to make sure your puppy enrolls in a puppy training class. It is quite a big deal to have your puppy enrolled in a class of training so you best advantage is to ensure that you do so. This will enable you to build a training regime that is suitable for your puppy's lifestyle and you.

The environment where the class is held is also a factor of great importance. Its a good idea to make sure that you hold your puppy there so that everyone else, especially the trainer, the dog and the other members of the members, also have an opportunity to get to know one another.

As the saying goes, "class is to education, and training is to conversation". The environment helps to initiate the ideas in the puppy's mind so that it can learn from the other dogs as well. Just like the environment helps us to learn the things we learn from other people, the environment also helps your puppy learn what it needs to learn.

You would want to make sure that the class is easy to understand and you would want to make sure that the trainer is kind, experienced and extremely clear. You want the best possible learning experience for your puppy and a trainer who understands his puppy's temperament and himself.