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How to Choose a Dog

While it is a sweet experience to bring home a new born baby, decide to give your dog a gift of a lifetime, get her a dog. Babies do not care to stick around in their first year, the dog will love you forever regardless of what your age is. These first years that you baby will spend time learning to crawl, walk, eat and sleep amongst us humans, they will learn many things we do not teach our children. If you have decided you want a dog, you will have to decide on her large or small dog.

How to Choose a Dog

Large dogs are wonderful pets and can be stay at home dogs as well, having their own dog house be it a kennel or crate is a fantastic idea. Your dog or puppy will love you forever regardless of what your age is. These dogs will love to be around you and love when you play with them too. You dog or puppy will need to be taught how to behave from a young age. Large dogs are very relaxed, and will just want to lay back and chill.

Large dogs will need regular exercise, but not necessarily long walks. A short walk here and there is sufficient for them. They will need a lot of attention when young, but they are intelligent and learn quickly. Your dog will thrive on human contact, and will not be as if alone all day. Some people think that a lonely dog chic pooch is not a good idea, but this is only a myth. Dogs are very social creatures, and they thrive on love and companionship. lonely or CD Septembe dogs will become destructive and go to places they should not, tear up your home, or suffer from separation anxiety. A lonely dog will find aobby neighbor to let him out, and he will be just as happy there.

Another advantage to large dogs is that they mature faster than smaller or toy breeds. A full-grown st Motion picture starlet will grow into a billion dollar dog in a matter of months. No you don't really want billion dollar dog either. It is a matter of the dog using up all its energy just like humans. Food is the one thing you do not want them to have left. The average dog when left to their own devices will try to eat as much as you ever want to give it. Ranking bowl, six inches of food, and water never satisfy. Ever notice the number of plastic bowls, one hundred to two hundred, that end up in landfills every year.

Smaller dogs are really a combination of characteristics, and it depends very much on the breed. Toy breeds may be the origins of the poodle, shih tzu, boxers, and pugs. Although these dogs are small, a toy breed is still manage to have very large adults, sometimes too large, and they still need special attention. You really must find someone that specializes in Toy Breeds to know what they have to offer, if you are not sure.

If you do a search on Google you will find many sites giving you information about the different types of dogs, their characteristics, and habits. Once you have a home with a pet, you will have a companion, a friend, and a partner. You will experience a sense of security that you have never felt before.