How to Handle a Dog

  1. person in your home should be responsible for administering food. That means that feeding times should be at the same time and conditions the same as for children - not feeding to much, or to frequent times.
  2. persons should be involved if more than one dog is in the house. That is, if you feed dogs together, they need to be at least divided for feeding times. That's why I suggest you feed your adult dog twice a day, and only one adult dog at a time.
  3. persons should be able to handle feeding and giving clean water (an inexpensive tap filter works well). That means that you feed the dog as directed, with no human interference.
  4. persons should be able to handle the dog when it is unable to eat for a short period of time (i.e. it's vomiting or has diarrhea), even if that means having to go with the dog to get help.
  5. persons should be able to handle the dog immediately if it is sick in any way.
  6. persons should be able to handle the dog when it shows any sign of stress or anxiety.
  7. persons should be able to handle the dog when it shows any sign of aggressive behaviour.
  8. persons should be able to carry on with their daily activities.

How to Handle a Dog

Without those 8 strategies, you would never be able to master the Secrets to Dog Training.

Once you get the hang of Secrets to Dog Training, I actually think you would want to keep the dog. I know that's how I managed to do it, and I only had my dog for a short time. I just didn't realize the importance of it. Yes, I had to pay someone to show me how to train my dog (oney, me too). But I didn't actually have to go to a class. I just took a little time to figure it all out.

And I had a great dog. He knew when I wanted him to go out for his walk, and he let me know where he needed to go and what time he would be getting in the house. It was great! He would snuggle with me and stroke my hair. He was just one of our great, great dogs.

The reason that I liked having a dog so much was that it was just like having a friend. Anyone who has ever said that their dog is just like a friend, I agree with that. There is no other relationship quite like that. We can sit on the couch together and just enjoy each others company. And we can laugh and play and go on walks and all sorts of things that only us and our dogs can do. And we can do it all together.

And part of what we get from our dog is that we get to be social. We get to interact with others and we get to understand them and them alone. We can laugh and have fun with them and they can do the same with us. And there is nothing better than that. We can sit together and watch a movie and not feel so alone. And it is so obvious that they know just how to just bring us and the experience is so much fun and it is so easy to just let them be themselves and be who they are. And it just seems to make us feel so much better, better in a way that nothing else can.

So, I think we just have a lot to gain by letting them be who they are and love us and not judge us based on our race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else. Even with our dogs, we can just enjoy each other's company and enjoy each others' loves. And I know that all we really want is to be able to have a great time together and enjoy each others' company and show them how wonderful dogs are and how much they mean to us.

Now, anyway, I am still thankful for my black cocker spaniel and all the knowledge that he has helped me have about myself and the way I love and care for myself. He has done so much for me and made me feel so much better. And even if he didn't, I wouldn't trade him for anything, he has given me so much more than I could ever have expected or asked for.