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How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Your Wallet Full

As a dog owner the first and the most important thing that you should be doing is to keep your puppy healthy. Wag more, bark less and bite less! That is just some of the common mistakes that the dog owners make. Though harmless-looking however serious and annoying at the same time, these mistakes can insure that your dog remains chained and that you and I do not benefit from the many services that are available to us.

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Your Wallet Full

It is a common misconception that keeping the dog chained causes them any health problem whatsoever. Just like human beings that stay chained long enough experience unpleasant symptoms pertaining to heat stroke, arthritis and excessive bleeding they also suffer from the same afflictions when they are released from the chains and given free rein. Besides that chained dogs commonly become aggressive and dangerous, and given too much freedom can even be cocky and poised, In the words of restricted animal man there is no substitute for observing proper hygiene precautions and precautions when it comes to chains and ie chains for that matter.

So what is the solution for a chained puppy or dog? Well you are entitled to be mad as you feel that your puppy or dog should be free, but that does not mean that your pet should be chained to the same post every day. Now, in a way you are preventing them from running away or at least not directly from your home to another post. However, you are allowing them around without your supervision, and I must say that your puppy is going to come to feel that he is always being controlled. Even if you have exercised him a lot and given him lots of attention and TLC, he is going to come to feel that he is the boss and not you. If you do not mind, I am sure he is going to feel that he has to keep a tight leash on his every movement.

The first exercise that you must teach him is that he must use the bathroom outside. This may seem a tough thing to do for any pup. However, you can actually start this lesson the day before he enters your home. You will need to carry some bells and/or a pee pole into your room. First, you must praise him when he pees on the bells. Then you need to have him associate the pee pole and bells with using the bathroom outside. Walk him out to pee on the bells, and if he does, give him a treat, a doggie bowl full of doggie doggie treats, and lots of physical and verbal praise.

  • After a couple days to a week, you will need to make sure that you take him outside to do his business at least five times per day, and you will need to take him outside at least every 30 minutes or so. Every time he does his business outside, reward him with plenty of praise and a treat.

  • During this time when he is not yet potty trained, restrict him to rooms with washable floors until he is trained. You will find that as he progresses, you can have him restricted to rooms with wooden or tile floors so that he does not damage them by peeing on them.

  • Potty training a puppy is a lot like raising a child, and just like with a child, you need to have lots of patience, a lot of love, and never ever punish your puppy for peeing on the rug because that will just make the whole process longer and harder to achieve.