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Humans Are Better Than Dogs

My dog Queen was the best companion a guy could have until my housekeeper took her place. This all happened by accident. She was 8 years old and had been raised in utmost fashion. She was extremely spoiled and knew exactly what she was supposed to do and when. She would sit on the couch and wait to be let out to go outside. This was not usually prohibited and considering the attention she was receiving, she was amazingly content.

Humans Are Better Than Dogs

My housekeeper, a woman in her 40's, moved into my house just a few months ago and is usually home all day. On the first day she arrived she Needless to say was extremely annoyed at Queen for peeing and pooping all over her house. She stood over her and pointed at her for being a bad dog. I should have quit on her, but I was a strong believer in Queen and compassionately she fell on her knees and showed her affection. Right after that she proceed to feed Queen all natural dog food, which sheoso discovered was better than store bought stuff.

Before too long Queen was responding to her new diet and improving her health and attitude.

It is truly amazing to watch a dog change because of diet. You don't see the changes right away and sometimes you don't notice the changes for a couple of days. But trust me, the changes were amazing. Queen was happier, healthier, and more energetic than she had been in years. And no more bad dog behavior. She gets to go out and play with her pack and have great times. She is a lot cooler when it's too hot or too cold.

Most important to me is that Queen's bad habits are all but gone. She's no longer recovering from heartworm and her teeth are better maintained. She's a happy, healthy dog who is a joy to have in my life.

A few years ago I had a Golden Retriever named complications. He was the bomb, as you might be aware. He ate out of my hand, he'd break wind under the bed sheets and he'd run out the front door when he'd feel like it. He was the perfect dog for me, as far as dog obedience went. I was very careful to take him for walks at least once a day. He was so obediently going outside that he could even hold up his end of the backyard to throw balls.

One day complications arrived just because he could no longer walk to the door. He wouldn't take his paws off the slippery glass panel that made the gate to appear so. Oh well. Another day complication amazed me. He began urinating all over thePlass doorway. This really distressed me, but mainly because I had carpeting instead of linoleum. I tried everything I could think of to get him to stop but nothing worked.

Well, that's when I read about dog clicker training. This form of training excited me because it personalized the training experience for each and every dog in my care. The concept was simple. You click the clicker and give a treat to the dog to signal that he is doing something right. You then follow that with a follow up ' aggressively ' with a follow up ' so the dog knows that he is doing well.

ten minutes a day and you'd have a trained dog. Sure, having another person to guide you through the steps isn't a guarantee that your devoted dog will do it right on your first try. But trust me, ten minutes a day is well worth the effort.