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Natural Flea Treatments For Dogs

Every dog deserves to have a healthy coat, but nowadays going to the shops and spraying insecticide for fleas seems to be as essential as knees and blowing in the hair. And even if your dog doesn't have fleas they can still have other problems that are caused by chemicals in general. So why do we do it? It's all about protecting yourself. Animals are good at getting rid of pests because they don't really care for them and will run off to hunt them down. We need to make sure we protect ourselves too.

Natural Flea Treatments For Dogs

As a responsible dog owner, you need to be constantly vigilant about flea and tick prevention. It's a must to have a dog with a light coat, because they are the most vulnerable to the cold weather, and you don't need to make trips to the shops every week hunting down a invasive pest.

My Flea Home Remedy for Dogs generally works to alleviate itching without leaving the dog too stressed. The medication is very easy to administer, the dosage depends on the dog's weight and daily intake, and it's an important part of owning a dog.

Garlic tablets are a great way of dealing with fleas. My pets have flea problems for years, and I have found throughout the years that 1 part garlic with 1 part honey to be the best flea cutter you'll find. apart from that honey is expensive as it is, and only fits to use for human use. So I side with a packet of garlic tablets, and the honey remedy. I have never had any problems with biting or scratching since I started using these two products together. Basic, easy to apply, and less than an hour's work, I'd say. Not bad for a modern high tech gadget!

Although I haven't used Frontline Plus for dogs, they are well regarded for their efficiency. It takes less than 24 hour to process, test, diagnose and prevent any fleas and ticks from attaching to your pet. A flea is defined as a small brown repairing comb. They can grow up to 3mm long. Ticks are those fabulous invasive blood suckers we all hate. They grow up to 1.5 inches long, and they have the ability to latch on to our dogs and bite them any time they want.

They both have the ability to suck their blood from the walls of the wound and the parasite can actually climb up the skin to avoid getting infected. They both attract flies and other insects that want to lay eggs. Ticks do not sense when they are playing; they are just doing what they do. It is important to kilograms them as they slowly spread throughout an environment looking for cheap hosts. The redness and itchiness that Sometimes results from the flea will take almost twice as long to clear up.

  • Let's start taking the offensive against these intruders that are treating your dog and home every 2 to 4 weeks at a total cost of £26 each.
  • The band aid solutions are the mattress pad and spray, which are next in line in terms of effectiveness/ refinement as you wouldn't use them on your own child or yourself.
  • The dog itself is like a guinea pig. It needs to exercise, groom and get plenty of loving but that's about it. It is our homes and families that we protect.

Flea treatments that include powders, shampoos and collars may help, but you may need to be looking for an all natural or organic option nearer to home. Be sure to Support the manufacturer through all your purchase.