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Puppy Commandments - How to Make Sure Your Dog Leads the Pack

Training your dog - the most basic of all puppy commandments - should be a straight-forward process that is vital for you and your dog to both be happy with each other. If you are feeling frustrated by your puppy's disobedience, or don't have enough time to keep up with the basic training, then this article will show you how to win the trust and respect of your puppy.

Puppy Commandments - How to Make Sure Your Dog Leads the Pack

Every dog has his own personality, but if you analyze the breed you will see that most will show very similar traits. These traits, however, are often simply referred to as the "Puppy Commandments." The four have to be kept in mind, or these will severely penalize your dog:

Puppy Leash Training

If you intend to lead your dog's life - and this will be most of the cases, at least initially - you must take control of his training by controlling his world. Puppy leash training gets started the first day you bring him home, and keep leading him in the directions that you want him to go. If you allow him too much freedom too soon, you will show him that he is leading the life, and you are going to have to unestablish yourself as leader very quickly.

Puppy Potty Training

Puppy potty training is one of the first training steps that need to be done, and it is vital. There are a few simple rules to help you:

· For very young puppies, take them outside to their potty area very often. They will look for a spot, hopefully one that they can cover with a shading cover, and it won't be long before they find a clumping spot to go in on their own. When they go, it is important to praise them and offer a treat as long as it is led along with the puppy. You want to help them realize that this is where they must do their duty.

  • Feed your puppy at set times each day, and remove his water dish after only a few hours, to help him become regular with his bowel movement schedule.

  • After your puppy has completed his meal, there will be a very short amount of time before he must go again, and this will also be the time to offer him the opportunity to relieve himself, if he hasn't already done so.

  • If you're puppy has an accident, be sure to clean it up right away and also be sure to scold them very firmly. They should know that they are doing something wrong.

Puppy Training Pads

There are many reasons why puppy training pads are helpful. One is that they are very affordable. You can purchase a nice pad for less than $5 or even less than $2 and still have a very effective way of house training your puppy because your puppy will almost always go to the potty pad or outside right after eating or drinking.

As your puppy gets older and continues to improve their bowel and bladder control, you can move the training pad outside or move your puppy to a more suitable place, making the task of going outside or the pad much easier.

If you want a bit of guidance, there are plenty of online training guides and books that can teach you how to properly train and care for your dog, including how to teach them to go outside when they need to relieve themselves. When you take the time to train and choose right puppy training pads, you will never have to worry about your dog going to the toilet in your house again.