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Puppy Potty Training: Why You Should Never Use Human Shampoo on a Dog

Washing your puppy with harsh chemicals can cause skin irritation and harsh skin reactions. Do not use human shampoo or any other product on your puppy. You should never use human shampoo even if it is recommended by your veterinarian.

Puppy Potty Training

Puppies have a different kind of skin than humans. The skin is too sensitive in puppies and so delicate. Using strong chemicals on a puppy with delicate skin is completely avoidable.

Puppies need to be groomed at least once or twice a week. If you happen to be one of those people who are not busy and have a lot of time to spend with your new puppy, then grooming your puppy is very easy. All you need is a puppy brush and some puppy comb.

You need to brush the puppy's hair from its head to its tail. You should take a quick steady stroke with the brush. Do not pull the hair or do not brush with the ferocity of your brush.

You need to be even more careful when you are de-matting the hair. Pulling the hair straight out is best. If you try to pull it out gently, it will be more irritated and you will make the de-matting worse.

If you do notice that your puppy is scratching more than usual, you need to check the fur and skin.

A puppy is usually liable to scratch a little because of its young age. You need to check for tiny red and irritated spots on the skin. Hot spots are usually caused by allergies. There are other kinds of skin and fur conditions that are sometimes caused by problems such as mange, fleas, or even an allergic reaction to a new food.

If you notice your puppy scratching more than normal, look at its skin for fleas. If you see those then it is very likely that it is fleas. After checking the puppy's fur and skin, bath it to make sure the fleas are gone.

Use a flea shampoo if you find that your puppy has fleas. This is an insecticide that is meant to kill fleas. Once the fleas are gone, bathe your puppy with warm water. You can use a mild flea shampoo if you like. Since most puppies have fleas anyway, you might as well bathe them to keep them free of fleas. Once your puppy is done, it will be much more attractive to fleas.

Puppy Potty Training:  Why You Should Never Use Human Shampoo on a Dog

Another great idea is to keep your puppy plus or next to a bowl full of water. Then add some flea powder or crushed flea granules. You can use this to sprinkle on your puppy's fur.

In cases of mange, your puppy will not be able to find the scabs or other indications of a skin problem. For this reason, you should provide your puppy with good care. Use a mild, dog friendly shampoo on him.

Crush some eggs and put into a jar along with some liquid soap. Let your puppy sit in this solution for about twenty-four hours. The liquid soap can help to lessen the itchiness of the skin. If the eggs do not hatch, you can use the soap to rub the skin until the eggs hatch.

If you find that your puppy has ringworm, it is a very serious skin problem. You should take your puppy to the vet right away. He will prescribe a medication that is effective.

These are some of the canine skin problems that you might be facing. You can cope with some of these problems; others will just have to get used to them. The most important thing is to make sure you find a remedy for your dog's skin problems.