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The Best Dog Breeds For Children

It is well advised to get a dog as a pet to begin with so that they can continue the family line. Studies have shown that tying up a dog and only allowing them to breed will result in the destruction of the breed. It will be the loss of a lot of good dogs that will go unchecked.  When getting a dog the public places a lot of importance on the look of a dog.  Make sure you look for a dog that is going to fit with your family and environment.  Many breeds have well known personality traits that make them better suited for family life. Then you can look for a pet that is going to fit with your children and liveliest environment. With all of this considered there are quite a few breeds that suit family life and living happily with your pet dog in your family. Here we will look at some of the best dog breeds for children.

The Best Dog Breeds For Children

Golden Retrievers

These dogs love to play games. They are highly intelligent and easy to train.  They are very loyal as well to the children of the family.  This breed is very playful and energetic. They will always be ready to play.  They love to swim. You must be careful with these dogs to not let them jump from high areas into your lap. If you have a young baby it is important to think if this dog can be hurt by your child.

Labrador Retrievers

They are very energetic and love to play. They are very loyal and fun loving dogs. They are quite sensitive, however, and young children tend to be very noisy. This can scare your lab and cause him to snap at the child.  It is recommended that you walk your lab daily to keep them happy and healthy.


These dogs are very loyal and learn quickly. They are quite large and can knock children over.  NEVER leave an infant or child alone with a mastiff.  Your mastiff will protect you and your child from danger.

Do not buy these dogs if you are not a patient person. These dogs also require training to teach them to be obedient. They can be rambunctious and will knock children over.  Keep this in mind before buying them.

What to Look for when buying a dog for your child

Make sure the parents are not selfish when it comes to raising their children. A caring parent will be concerned about how their child is to be nursed.

Make sure you buy the right size dog for your child. A dog that is too small will be swallowed and a dog that is too big can hurt his stomach.

Make sure your dog has the right temperament to be around children.

Make sure that the parents help with the training, both with the children and the dog. This lets the dog know it is expected to behave.

The right dog for your child need not be a pure breed.  Mixed breeds are very popular.  You can find a mutt that is just perfect.

Having a dog is a wonderful way for a child to learn responsibility.  You are teaching your child to care for another creature that depends on the child for its livelihood.  Your dog should be a companion, not a training partner.

Having a child next to you can teach love.  Children need to learn to care for someone else, to love someone, to be kind and gentle to someone, and to acknowledge another. A child learns to be confident and is better at handling emotions.  Children also learn to be brave and are more compassionate.

Research, research, and then buy a dog for your child.  You will be glad you did.