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What Eats Snakes?

There are many animals and birds that can kill and eat a snake if their paths cross. While there are many animals that eat snakes, other breeds of snakes and birds are their two main predators. From predators to mammals and other snakes, Snakes in the wild is filled with other animals that want to make snake their next meal. They hunt and fall prey to predators such as mammals, birds, and other giant snakes.

What Eats Snakes

Predatory predators

including many eagles, hawks, owls, hawks, and herons, readily eat snakes if birds of prey can do so. Hawks are part of the eagle family and also one of the predators that prey on smaller snakes. Although these hawks have a calm nature and rarely attack small birds, they are known for killing and eating even the most venomous snakes.

Secretary birds are known for their ability to kill the most venomous snakes like venomous snakes and cobras. The red-tailed eagle is a well-known animal species that hunts and eats snakes in a variety of habitats. Red-tailed eagles are known to eat at least 35 species of snakes, including venomous snakes, and unlike other snake predators, which make up the bulk of their diet, they seek them out.


smaller species of owls (like owls) are content to eat insects and don't want to risk being bitten by hunting snakes. Large snakes consume larger prey such as a rabbit or a larger rodent, while small snakes only eat small prey such as insects. Some snakes have special dietary requirements and only eat one type of prey, such as an egg-eating snake.

Many birds of prey eat snakes

but many other animals also eat snakes, including tigers, crocodiles, lynxes, snapping turtles, meerkats, and foxes. Given the chance, many other animals in the world would eat this snake, making nature a dangerous place for even the largest and most resilient snakes. Since you're unlikely to get a fox or a meerkat, you can keep snakes away by keeping a house cat and a few chickens in your yard, unless, of course, you decide to eat snakes yourself for dinner.

Ground predators such as mongooses, bobcats and foxes also eat snakes. Mongooses have evolved to be immune to many snake venoms, making them especially fearless snake predators.

Sea snakes are known to have strong snake venom, but this does not prevent animals such as sharks, large fish and even some birds from eating snakes living in the sea. Saltwater crocodiles, known as the largest reptile species in existence, are especially fond of eating and aggressively hunting sea snakes.

Despite concerns about what snakes might do

they are not at the top of the food chain and there are actually many animals that catch and kill snakes. Since larger snake species are able to detect snakes from the air, there are several species of birds that can catch and kill snakes that are especially vulnerable when basking in the sun snake's open area. Although snake eagles eat large lizards and similar cold-blooded animals, they live to keep snakes in the food chain.

Although snakes are not a natural food for foxes, if they are too hungry and accidentally stumble upon a snake, they will surely eat it. Some snakes eat fish, worms, termites, birds, and bats, while others like the king cobra eat other snakes. Some invasive snake species have been known to destroy ecosystems by eating the eggs of other animals or killing animals that inhabit the area.

What Eats Snakes

Snakes are on the menu of the mongoose

although this weasel-like animal eats a variety of pests such as rodents, insects, worms and lizards. While mongooses may eat lizards, rodents, crabs, insects, small birds, and mammals, their favorite food always includes snakes.

The fearsome honey badger is also immune to snake venom and can instantly kill a snake, inflicting a devastating bite to the head with its extremely powerful jaws. Honey badgers are immune to snakebite venom, and honey badgers kill them by crushing their heads and eating them. For example, hedgehogs can eat venomous snakes, scorpions and frogs without any side effects.

Lynxes are among the most fearless predators in nature

making them one of the few native creatures brave enough to kill and eat venomous snakes. Snakes have many natural predators, including mongooses, honey badgers, secretary birds, hedgehogs, lynxes, and other snakes. Some of the main predators include many raptors, badgers, mongooses, raccoons, foxes, big cats, coyotes and other snakes, not to mention humans in some parts of the world.

What kind of prey a snake eats depends primarily on the size of the snake. Chickens and game love to eat snakes, and if the snake is small enough, they will eat it.