7 Odd Facts About White Snakes!

Have you ever heard of a white snake? There is a myth that says if you see a white snake in your life, you will have good luck.

But have you ever seen one in real life? If not, then read below to find out 7 things about white snakes that are not known to many people around the world.

7 Odd Facts About White Snakes!

Did you know that white snakes are not poisonous?

Did you know that only about 1 in 3 of them is an albino? If that’s not enough to peak your curiosity, here are 7 more odd facts about white snakes.

Did you know that white snakes are found in the Americas

Europe, and Asia? Did you know that some people believe if a white snake crosses your path, it is bad luck? These are just some of the ten interesting facts about white snakes! Keep reading for more information on white snakes.

What is a White Snake?

  1. White snakes are real 
  2. They're not always white
  3. There's a myth that says if you see one, you'll have good luck
  4. If a white snake crosses your path, it's believed to be an omen of good fortune
  5. They have no scales or markings
  6. They're not poisonous
  7. There are certain species of white snakes in the world

Where Do They Live?

White snakes are also known as albinos because they lack the dark pigment of their skin. You'll find white snakes in areas that have snow. They're at home on the summit of Mt. Everest and other high-altitude places.

What do they eat?

White snakes are herbivores and eat mostly plants, grasses, leaves, flowers, and berries.

What does a White Snake Look Like?

A white snake is usually pure white with red eyes that help it hunt for food at night. It has a long, thin body that can grow up to 20 feet long!

Where Did The Myth Come From?

This myth may come from Buddhism or Hinduism which say that you will have good luck if you see a snake in your lifetime.

What Do They Eat?

One of the most common questions people ask is, "What do they eat?"

White snakes mainly eat other animals. There are many different kinds of white snakes, but some of them will also eat plants and fruit.

Some white snakes are even carnivores! They will eat birds, rodents, and frogs. They might even find a way to get bigger prey like deer and buffalo.

It's not uncommon for a white snake to take on a large animal like this. The largest snake in the world is the reticulated python, which can grow up to 10 feet long! That's just amazing.

Why Is It Called A White Snake?

The reason that a white snake is called a "white snake" is because white is the color of light. 

A white snake can be seen as an omen of good luck. For example, in the fairytale "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves", Snow White's stepmother is jealous of her beauty, so she orders the huntsman to take Snow White into the forest and kill her, so that she will no longer be in competition for her husband's love.

However, at the same time, according to Buddhism and Taoism, seeing a white snake in your life means that you are blessed with longevity or even immortality.

How Long Does It Live?

Do you know how long an average white snake lives? The lifespan of a white snake is 20 years.

Other Interesting Facts About White Snakes‎

  • White snakes are very rare in the wild.
  • They are usually found in China and Vietnam.
  • In Buddhist culture, white snakes represent the energy of water, which is the element that corresponds to Monday. The blue snake represents the energy of earth which is related to Thursday.
  • The oldest known white snake fossil was found in Burma and dates back to 100 million years ago!
  • There are two types of white snake, milk snakes and white king cobras.
  • White snakes have been kept for years as pets by people who live around Asia!

White snakes come in three colors

There are three colors of white snakes. There's the variety that is all white, there's the one with green stripes, and then there's the one that is mostly brown but has a white chin and belly.

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