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Facts About Baby Dogs That Will Make You Say "Aww!"

Dog owners know the feeling of being overwhelmed by the irresistible charm of puppies. In no time, they become your best friends, constantly by your side and eager to please you. They’re always ready to run playdates with you, and they’ll always have the cutest looks to make you smile. But puppies are not the only adorable creatures in the world. There are also baby dogs. And they’re so lovable and cuddly that they’ll make you want to say “aww” without even meaning to. Here are some interesting facts about baby dogs that will make you say “Aww!”

Baby Dogs

They’re Whimpering, Jumping Dogs

A human might hear a dog’s whimpering cry for help and assume it’s in pain. But many dogs do more than just scream in pain. They whimper and whine, which are both ways that dogs express fear. In fact, you should be afraid of your dog if it’s whimpering. It’s telling you that something, or someone, is scaring it. If a dog is jumping around and yelping, that usually means it’s scared of you or another person. But puppies often jump and yelp like that because they’re still getting used to their surroundings and discovering the world around them through their own two eyes.

Baby Dogs Are Shy

Baby dogs are shy, but it doesn’t last forever. As they get older, it’ll help them get used to their environment and feel more confident. When a baby is born to a stray dog who has never had a litter before, it’ll have to overcome its shyness from the start. It has no pack to rely on and has to rely on itself to survive. So it learns that humans are dangerous and scary. But as soon as it’s old enough, it’ll start to come out of its shell.

  • Then, it’ll grow very attached to its family and won’t want to leave their side. It’s not uncommon for a dog who was very shy to become a loving family pet.

Baby Dogs Are Shedding Like Crazy

Dogs shed a lot when they’re young, and this is normal. It’s a way for them to grow and to replace the fur that they lose constantly. A young dog may shed more than an adult dog because it has more hair to grow out and because it’s still growing. If a dog looks scruffy, that’s because it’s shedding, and it’s not a problem. A little grooming won’t hurt your pup, and it’s not something you should be worried about. But one thing that you should be careful about is that you don’t get your puppy sick. It will shed a lot while it’s sick, and a lot of fleas and germs will get onto the carpet. It’s best to keep your puppy away from the house and just let it outside to do its business.

They’re Friendly

Baby dogs are friendly, and this continues as they grow up. It’s normal for puppies to be friendly, and it’s a sign that they’re happy and excited to see you. It’s also a sign that your puppy is ready for new friends and is looking for a pack to join. You should be friendly back to your puppy and give it plenty of attention. This will let it know that it’s welcome in your house, and you’ll make an excellent pack leader.

They Have Very Soft Coats

Many people assume that dog coats are coarse and coarse. But that’s not always the case. A soft, silky coat is a sign of a well-kept dog. If your dog has a soft coat, take care of it. Clean it regularly and brush it out gently so that you don’t damage it. Don’t brush your dog too often, though, as this can cause a tuft to come out.

Baby Dogs Are Often Mischievous

Baby dogs are often mischievous because they don’t know any better. Puppies are curious, and they don’t know that they should wait until they’re bigger to investigate something like a toilet bowl. They don’t know that they should be quiet when they’re exploring their new surroundings. They don’t know that there are dangerous things in the world outside your home.

You should supervise your young pup and make sure that it doesn’t do anything dangerous. Keep toys away from water and away from stairs. Don’t leave food or table scraps where your dog can get them.

They Have A Lot Of Fun Playing Together

Baby dogs are often playful and have a lot of fun playing together. It’s natural for puppies to be playful, and they don’t know any better. They don’t know that it’s dangerous to chase people, to bark at strangers, or to chase cars. They just want to explore and want your attention.

The more attention you give your puppy, the more fun it has. Take it for walks. Play with it. Praise it when it does something good. And be careful when you play with it, though. Make sure that you know how to protect yourself.


Baby dogs are so cute and lovable that they’ll make you want to say “aww” without even meaning to. You know that they’ll make great pets when you see their cuteness, and you’ll definitely want one once you read these facts. You can find a puppy or a dog shelter that has animals that need a home. There are many dog breeds that are very cute and lovable, and they’re the perfect addition to any family.

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