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If You Want An Unusual Looking Dog Than The Dachshund May Be For You

Every dog has their strong points and their weak points and the Dachshund is no exception. While this breed is not the oldest breed they began as a hunting dog bred to flush out or chase down badgers. They were especially popular in Germany and were used for hunting badgers from tunnels.

If You Want An Unusual Looking Dog Than The Dachshund May Be For You

This breed has an elongated body that is short and wide. Their legs are very short compared to theirs. This caused many health problems, such as heel triglyceride disease, trilostane sodium and the skeletal muscles. Their skin is very thick and wrinkled and shows wrinkles easily. They have a long, silky coat that is very thick and with no undercoat. Dachshunds can be solid colored or mixed. It is thought that this breed is the result of crossing the harrier (ctic dog) and the wagging tail see ( margay).

Dachshunds are found in 2 sizes, Standard and miniature. They are classified in the toy group. The following are their height and weight:

Standard Dachshund:10-11 inches, 9-13 pounds

Miniature Dachshund:10-11 inches, 9-13 pounds

This breed is a very unique breed with it's own unique characteristics and behavior. They can be very stubborn, especially when they are motivated, and they are extremely loyal and stay closely attached to their owners.

Most Dachshunds are energetic, excitable and high energy. They are very brave and courageous and are not afraid of anything. They tend to bark and bite on anything that they see as strange or threatening. They can be very easily trained, but they have a short attention span. If you are going to train your Dachshund, it is best to do it in short sessions. They hate to be alone, especially with their own tail pulling.

When it comes to Dachshunds health concerns, they may be predisposed to cardiac and spinal problems such as dysplasia. It is recommended that you take your Dachshund to the vet for regular tests. The vet can determine if there are any serious health issues. They should also give you an idea of preventive measures that you can take to keep them healthy.


The temperament of this breed can be a bit unpredictable, but they are not very aggressive. They would usually rather keep you company rather than be alone. They like to be active and play some games.

Dachshunds are not the perfect pet for everyone. They need a lot of exercise, discipline and attention. They do great with children, but they tend to jump a bit on people. They probably aren't the best dog for a young child. They also have a bit of stubbornness and short tempers. Socialization seems to be an issue for this breed at times. As hard as it might be to train them, it can also be rewarding. They can learn a lot from people and seem to enjoy the process. They just don't always listen. It can be difficult trying to get this type of breed to do something they don't want to do because they're so independent. They just want to play.

The Dachshund can make a fun and loving pet and it is well worth the time spent training and chasing that ball. They can also make you laugh and that unconditional love...well most of it anyway. While they may not be the best for kids, they can be a fun and loving addition to any family. I wouldn't trade them for the world.