Puppy Owners Mistakes to Avoid

First-time puppy owners are a lot like first-time parents - they're happy about the new arrival, but fearful of making mistakes, and perhaps even a bit intimidated by the responsibility they're about to undertake. Certainly, it is a big responsibility, and it's a well-known fact that a certain amount of inexperience (not knowing something about the business) is required when adopting a puppy. Like many things, this is easier to avoid than fix. below, you will find some new puppy owner mistakes to avoid:

Puppy Owners Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not being prepared on how to care for the pup.

Almost by nature, a puppy is loving, carefree and excitable, and like a small child, they require a lot of coaxing and positive reinforcement to master certain behaviors and even learn perhaps tricks. Like a small child, they don't simply demand to be spoon-fed, but rather want and need to be taught and shown with love and care. And bear in mind, the same basic considerations should be given by the new owner when choosing and training the puppy.

2. The majority of dogs are purchased or adopted as a puppy. It is best to start the puppy out on a good note, by giving it plenty of attention and showing it love and caring. Stay away from puppy manipulative behaviours such as bribing a puppy to enter its crate. This is what is known as luring, which a puppy likes to perform in order to get what it wants. It's the same principle as people who take a valentine out of a person's purse, and expect them to bloom in a Hill Country outfit! A puppy is a living, breathing toy that requires constant care and attention. Without it, problems easily arise. Puppies have short attention spans. If you don't have the time to be with it for 10 hours or so a day then rather sell it on eBay or a local breeder. Should you get a puppy that's not trained, then be prepared for a handful of cuddles and take it to a training school. It is a sad fact that training schools for dogs are not self- Bristling. Ask yourself how you would feel if you had been trained and how you would feel if the person that trained them was your mother or father! Once the puppy is trained, you will feel as good about it as if you have been conditioned to it.

3. Inconsistency

A dog is a living, breathing, feeling and thinking being that contains a huge amount of information in it. That being said, one of the biggest factors that can cause even the best trainers and owners problems is inconsistency. The value of consistency is that it brings in doubt and confusion to the average person. Trainers and owners fail with dogs all the time and not have problems returning to the methods that they learned.

4. Unnecessary Complain

Puppies cry all the time. The amount of unnecessary whine from owners when they should be scolding the puppy and instead, is a constant reminder that owners have failed to instill obedience. If you scold your puppy for peeing in the wrong place, never scold after the fact. The puppy has no clue what you are being angry about so unless you want to deal with Negative ads on your lawn, for the rest of your life, do not scold after the fact. A puppy made a mistake once, and therefore will again, probably 4 times until they get it.