(comprehensive guide) from registration until the withdrawal of your profits

dear followers earnings blog I present to you today, How to win thousands of dollars From the famous site Pfeiffer FIVERR To profit from microservices.

Explanation of the FIVERR website
Explanation of the FIVERR website

This article is a comprehensive guide for everyone who wants to earn money from this site, step by step, from registering to earning your first dollars and withdrawing your profits, brother, and also contains all the updates of the year 2020 that the site witnessed.

Why FIVERR in particular?

This site is considered the most famous in providing small and medium services via the Internet, which start at a price of $ 5 and what distinguishes it from others

It is its credibility and the guarantee of the right of the seller and the buyer at the same time and the large percentage of visitors daily on the site.

Explanation of the FIVERR website

As the picture shows, it It ranks 375 globally and 236 in America, with more than 33 million visitors per month! So my friend if you are one of those who want real profit and Profit from the Internet By performing specific tasks and profiting from them on an ongoing basis, Fiverr is the best site for you.

What are microservices sites and how do I make money from them?

These sites are the point of contact between the seller and the buyer, where the site plays the role of mediation between them in exchange for a commission for the site, which is in Fiverr 20 percent, meaning that whenever you get a new service for five dollars and implement it correctly You win $4 .

As I said, the lowest price for services, or the so-called GIG, is $5, and the lowest price is raised when needed. The price for a logo creation service is not the price of buying and installing hosting.

How do I subscribe to Fiverr and do the first sale?

First you have to register on the site from here >> Fiverr

Registration is easy. Follow the explanation with pictures. You can register via email or in an easy way through your Google Plus or Facebook account.

How to earn thousands of dollars from Fiverr

Once you register, I advise you, my brother, to create a good profile for your profile, as it will be the first interface for the buyer, i.e. try to put an expressive profile picture and some description of your services

And links to contact you on social networking sites.

How to earn thousands of dollars from Fiverr

What GIG services can I sell?

As I explained, you can provide many services, and to help you, I will provide the most easy services that have the largest sales currently:

  • Write articles in the language you speak.
  • Review a specific product by shooting it with a short video.
  • E-book cover design.
  • Convert photos into cartoon characters.
  • SEO services and backlinks
  • Logo creation, banners, and image design services
  • Sell ​​pictures of beautiful scenery or famous place in your city.
  • Purchase and installation of add-ons.
  • Selling custom templates like blogger and wordpress
  • Translate video clips.
  • create android apps
  • translation services

How do I create the first service in Fiverr?

To create the first service in Fiverr, click on Add a service and then write an attractive title for your service, you should try Bring the buyer to serve you in a smart way. For example, if you want to sell a Facebook fan service and the best selling services, you will findIt offers 1000 likes for 5 dollars, you write a more attractive title and you provide 2000 real interactive fans for the same amount!

Follow the explanation with pictures.

How to earn thousands of dollars from Fiverr

And you announce the price of the service, especially an expressive image, and attract the buyer, and if you are one of the people who can make a video, it will be better and your sales will be more.

How do I know my earnings and when to withdraw them?

You can enter your profits on Fiverr by clicking on Earnings, the picture will explain the profits and how to withdraw them

FIVERR website

Of course, as the drawing explains, the withdrawal of profits is through a bank payoneer The minimum withdrawal amount in this bank is $10.

You can also withdraw your profits through Paypal The minimum withdrawal amount in this bank is $4.

Here is the proof of the Fiverr site withdrawal via Pioneer Bank, with a balance of $48.

Fiverr withdrawal proof

Fiverr levels and how to rise easily

Fiverr contains 4 levels for sellers according to their services, the evaluations they receive, the profits they have collected, the percentage of communication with buyers and many other factors:

* Once you open an account on Fiverr, you will be New Seller

* When you win the first $400 without any negative reviews, you become Level 1

*When you win $2000, you become Level 2

* The highest level in Fiverr is Top Seller When you sell for $20,000 .

And now I leave you with this video explanation and the beginning of making money from FIVERR website .

How to promote your services and get the first sale?

Many people think that once the first GIG is created, everything is done and He may wait days or even weeks without getting any sale! This is normal because your account is new, so it is difficult for the buyer to trust your services, so what should be done is to promote it at first, especially in Facebook groups in a smart way by presenting it in the context of helping people.
Suppose you sell a buyer assistance service in top search engines What you do is search for people and those who complain about the lack of visitors and profits, and offer your services on the FIVERR website as a solution to it.
Try in any way to satisfy the first customer until you get a positive evaluation because the first service is the real way to success and making thousands of dollars from Fiverr.

An example of an easy-to-sell service

As we mentioned in the beginning of the article, the various services that can be sold, I want to refer to an easy service for the novice brothers who do not have capital, which is the service of removing backgrounds from the image, as it is an easy service that requires you only a few minutes to earn your first $5, my friend.
Of course, you can rely on Photoshop if you want to achieve it professionally if you are a computer user, or use the PicsArt Photo Studio application for smartphone users.

fiverr gig

You can also create an account on the site Clippingmagic Which offers the service of removing backgrounds from images in seconds in an easy and professional way
This article, my friend, was a comprehensive guide that will help you, God willing, in achieving your financial freedom through the wonderful Fiverr website, which is suitable for everyone who wants to work freely on the Internet.