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Best antivirus software for android

Downloading the mobile virus program is one of the most important applications that you should choose carefully, because the mobile antivirus was mainly found to provide you with protection from the threat of viruses that threaten your data and privacy, but how do you choose the most powerful antivirus? How is the strength of an antivirus measured from others? What are the features that you should pay attention to before downloading the application on your phone?

In fact, I liked to start asking these very important questions, because I found a very large number of users who do not know the difference between the real and fake program, and are only interested in the name only, as all their concern is to search for a download link that leads to the download page of the application.

And it does not care about the services provided by that application, even if it does not know whether the protection is real or fake, so av-comparatives is doing permanent experiments for anti-viruses that are launched on smart phone or computer stores, and based on those studies, the offending applications are deleted or those that do not provide Real user protection, and did you know that because One of these studies More than 250 applications claiming to be anti-virus and providing a real experience have been deleted, and those applications were nothing but a fake name aimed at profit from viewing ads.

Do I need an antivirus?

If you are an Android user in particular, then you undoubtedly need an antivirus program that protects you from the risk of spying and hacking, but do you know why? Simply, according to the many studies that have been conducted on the difference between the iPhone and Android, Android phones are more vulnerable to hacking than the iPhone because they are open source, that is, they allow the user to download applications from external sources, but this does not mean that iOS users should protect their phones from the risk of viruses Moreover.

In order not to prolong you, I advise you to read our article How do I protect my phone from hacking, which will explain to you in detail why Android phones are more vulnerable to hacking than iPhone phones? Knowing that this does not exclude iPhone phones, they are also vulnerable to viruses if they have been jailbroken.

What is an antivirus and how do you choose a good program for your device?

What is an antivirus program?

It is a software specialized in detecting and tracking files and roots of viruses that may infect your device and then work to remove or freeze them in order to complete the task for which they were designed, and these viruses are in a huge database in the servers of those programs that are constantly updated so that you can discover every virus its manufacture.

For this reason, you should pay attention to some important specifications that must be available in the antivirus program that you will purchase or download.

How to choose a good software for your device?

Before you download any program to protect against the threat of viruses, you should pay attention that this program is real, and has features worth downloading to your device, and the most important of these features are:

  1. The program has a good reputation among the applications and has high ratings from international evaluation companies.
  2. Make sure that the database of the application is constantly updated, and this is when the application is repeatedly requested for updates.
  3. That the program does not take advantage of a large amount of RAM of your device, because this is one of the most important defects that any application can contain, so you find many anti virus apps that scan your device using the cloud (that is, the virus database is on the servers of the program itself It is not among the application files installed on your device), so it does not exploit a large part of the RAM or the processor.
  4. There is no excellent antivirus that contains advertisements for advertising companies or specific advertisements. When you notice that there are advertisements on any antivirus application, know that it is a fake and fake application and you must uninstall it immediately.
  5. Do not be alarmed by the antivirus application, which requires you to connect to the Internet, because this application is the one that provides you with a real and wonderful service because it does not take advantage of your device’s resources.
  6. You should look for an antivirus that provides you with instant protection from viruses, and this service means that as soon as you browse the Internet, it will tell you that there is a specific virus on this site and does not advise you to enter it or download from it, as it works on the principle of avoiding danger before falling into it.

Best antivirus for android

I searched a lot among the antivirus programs on the Google Play Store and downloaded a very large number of these programs so that I could try them before presenting them to you, and after those experiences I reached this list that contains the most powerful antivirus programs to date, which I will present to you in order by order User ratings and reviews left by companies specializing in their evaluation are as follows:

  • Casper Antivirus (Kaspersky).

Kaspersky Antivirus
Kaspersky Antivirus Interface

Kaspersky Antivirus is considered one of the most famous and distinguished applications in the world of antivirus, whether for mobile or computer, because it provides real and effective protection from viruses that threaten smart devices, and protects you from hackers with all possible images that could threaten you.

After you read all the features of the famous protection program kasper antivirus, you will not hesitate to install it on your phone, because its database is constantly and periodically updated by the developers to keep you safe from any danger that threatens your data, especially the ransom virus.

  • anti-virus (Bitdefender).

you are bitdefender virus

After you read the features of the Bitdefender application, which it offers to you in order to protect your privacy, you will download it without hesitation, because it contains great features that I made to present to you in a separate article due to its importance and its large number.

  • Norton Antivirus

I expect you have heard about Norton Internet Security or Norton 360 or even Norton Antivirus, but do you know the difference between these versions? Do you know that each version of Norton has different features? Therefore, I will leave you the option to choose the version that suits you after knowing the difference between Norton Antivirus versions and what version suits you.

Download Norton Antivirus for Android

  • Avira anti virus

This light and simple program in terms of the operating interface is one of the most downloaded programs by users. It supports the Arabic language and provides real and instant protection for your smartphone. After you read the features of Antivirus Avira, you will decide if you want to remain without an antivirus program or not.

  • Avast Antivirus (Avast).

Finally, I conclude the list of the most powerful antivirus programs by talking about the Avast application, as it is also considered one of the distinguished and famous applications in the world of smartphones and computers, and I advise you Install the application on your deviceAnd among its advantages is that it provides you with a comprehensive system scan and quarantine of any malicious file, prevents the download of malicious and suspicious programs, and provides you with real protection from connecting to an anonymous Wi-Fi network.

Finally, I hope that I have succeeded in providing an easy and simplified explanation of the best antivirus programs for mobile.

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