Everything you need to know about the Shitzu dog breed

Introducing the Shitzu dog breed

Shih Tzu Dog Breed is known as one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States of America and East Asia, and these dogs originated in China since a thousand years BC, and since their inception until today, they are human-friendly dogs and are taken as animals pet, and the following is a mention of the most important information about it:[١][٢][٣]Shitzu dog breed

Shitzu dogs have long, beautiful, silky hair that grows on their face in all directions, it falls down in front of their eyes and on their nose as well, and it grows quickly even after being cut and shortened, and a beautiful coat that covers their bodies. They are small dogs that weigh only about 7 kilograms, and their height is about 27 cm, and there is no significant difference between males and females Shizuo dogs in terms of weight and height, and they come in several colors, which are black, black with white, gray with white, and red with white, and Shitzu dogs have a rounded head and eyes that are very prominent outward, and a coiled tail behind her back.[٢][٤][٣]

Shitzu dog breed behavior

Chitzu dogs are affectionate, cheerful, friendly and very happy dogs. They love to play. They interact well with each other and with people they know, treat them loyally and consider them their best friends. They are very patient with children and treat them with remarkable tenderness. Despite this, some members of the Shitzu breed are somewhat reclusive, and interact only with their close owner. The Shitzu dog breed is also distinguished by its love for digging, walking and barking constantly; And her barking can be annoying sometimes.[١][٣]

Although Shitzu dogs treat children well, care must always be taken not to leave children with animals alone; Especially young children.

Shitzu dog food

Home bred shitzu dogs are fed dry dog ​​food, and they feed on about a cup to half a cup of it, but the amount of food that shitzu dogs eat depends on several factors; Including the dog’s size, age, physical structure, and general activity level.[٤]

The Chitzu breed of dogs is characterized by the fact that their young mature quickly, and reach the size of adult dogs in just 10 months.

chitzu dogs price

The price of Chitzu dogs ranges from about $850 to about $1,600. As for the cost of raising a Shitzu dog, it is difficult to determine precisely; Because it includes the purchase price of the dog, the cost of its food and personal needs, and the bills for visiting the veterinary clinic when needed.[٥]