Teaching the dog to carry out commands

In this topic, we will discuss how to teach the dog to carry out commands, as the problem of the dog not listening to the commands of its owner is one of the most worrying, and therefore the shepherd dog must know the ways and means that make him able to communicate clearly with his dog, and for this it is advised to understand how to learn them, i.e. That some dogs learn through the effects of their behavior.

In the event that the dog behaves well, and this act is met with a reward, such as: offering food, playing with him, or wiping his head, he does this act several times, because he understands the idea that this act is a good thing, and the same thing if he behaves in bad behavior.

Use string and folders

Every dog ​​needs to learn to walk with the help of its owner by putting a leash or a chain around its neck to keep it safe and to observe safety laws and rules. It is indicated that the dog must be taught not to pull the chain or discard it if it is loose.