Top 5 ways to increase YouTube views for free in 2022 in a legal way

become a field work on youtube The best field for everyone who wants to profit from the Internet in a guaranteed way, but the biggest problem that every YouTuber faces once he publishes his video is increase youtube views Because the spread of their videos is their most important goal, many views mean more profits and thus get more subscribers and spread your channel quickly.

To be frank with you, my brother, getting to that large number of views is not easy. There are many strategies and ways. get more views on youtube for free The year 2022 is crazy, and in this article I share with you my brother Top 5 methods tested by me personally To increase YouTube views for free.
The methods that we will use to increase the number of views on YouTube in this article:

  1. Make title and photos click byte
  2. Optimize your video to rank in search engines
  3. Use Reddit to Double Your Views
  4. Create playlists
  5. Use cards and the end screen

increase youtube views

#1 Increasing YouTube views insanely through the so-called Clickbait

First, my friend, to understand the method, you must understand what clickbyte is? Simply creating an interesting title or a strange thumbnail that provokes the visitor and makes him click on your link or your video.

Make the title of your video or the image that you put on the video Clickbait is very important and one of the most important secrets Get real views In a quick and record time.
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Let me first present to you this image that, according to my experience, presents the most important factors that help increase clicks on your video.

Top 5 ways to increase YouTube views for free insanely in a legal way

First, the owner of the thumbnail used the shape of the yellow arrow, which is one of the most important factors for attracting the viewer’s attention to your video, and at the same time he placed a picture with the phrase STOP, which is also to attract the attention of the follower and make him click on your video only.

I also used the title of ClickByte, as it added one of the most prominent words that the viewer loves, which is the word NEW.

According to my experience in this field, the best words that bring the most number of clicks are New, exciting, will amaze you, quickly, secrets, what is hidden from you And many other phrases that arouse the curiosity of the viewer, if you use them to create a professional title, I guarantee you Increase video views Your channel without programs or any sites that may pose a threat to your channel.

I warn my friend against using attractive titles that are incompatible with the content of the video because this is prohibited according to YouTube’s policy and may lead to a violation of the YouTube forum guidelines and thus the possibility of closing your channel.

advice :

More than 60 percent of YouTube users currently use smart devices, especially phones, so you should never use thumbnails with a lot of words, because they certainly will not notice those sentences and therefore will not click on your video, and thus many views and profits will be lost.

#2 Increase YouTube views for free by leading the search engine

The search engine on YouTube, or what is called youtube seo It is one of the most important and best factors for getting views for your video quickly because you If you topped with a keyword that has a large monthly search number, you will surely get many views and therefore more profits .

How can you top the search results to increase YouTube views?

This is the best factor to increase YouTube views for free 2021. The method always starts with the content. If the content is not good, believe me, you will never top no matter what strategies you try! (Of course, the quality of the content is that the sound is good, your video is of HD quality and the content is excellent).

  • You must use the main keyword at the beginning of the title.
  • Write a description containing the keyword and related words
  • In the TAGS section, put tags related to the keyword you are targeting

Important : Do not put the tags in the description section in a random way, this is against Forum Guidelines YouTube and may lead to the closure of your channel.

If you follow my previous advice, I guarantee you, brother, that you will be in the first place in YouTube with your video, as the picture shows for one of my videos, even though the content I provide is technical.

increase youtube views for free

#3 Insanely Increase YouTube Views Using Reddit

I previously created a full video in which I explained this strategy in detail and how a person managed to get 3 million views in one day for one of his videos because of the use of the Reddit method, which contributed to increasing the number of views on YouTube in a legal way (it will also help you increase YouTube hours) .

I advise you to watch this video to understand the method and start working with it.

for me van Reddit It is considered a treasure and one of the most important secrets Increasing views insane in a legitimate way For youtube videos, but The drawback of this method is that it only works with videos in English That is, if you are using Arabic content, I advise you to focus on the previous strategies.

#4 Create video playlists or playlist

Video playlists or what is called in English Playlist is one of the most important treasures for the field Get more views on YouTube Therefore, I advise you to always build special lists for each axis you present in your channel and focus on creating an integrated course that makes it in one list, which will help you greatly, especially the owners of technical and educational channels.

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#5 Using cards and end screens

YouTube cards are one of the most important and wonderful tools To increase viewership By encouraging viewers to click on other videos or playlists, you can also use them in your old videos to highlight some of the new videos you’ve made.

ways to increase youtube views

The use of end screens is very important for every YouTube content maker because it will help you suggest your other videos to every viewer who has watched one of your videos to the end, This is implicit evidence that he liked the videoYou will display a screen containing similar content to the same video content, and thus you will get more views with ease and also increase views on YouTube in a legitimate way.

increase youtube views

In the end, I want to show that these ways and strategies to get views for free and without programs are the best for the purpose of writing these lines, but of course they are not the only ones because I am faster How to get YouTube views 2022 she cross sponsored ads Especially on Facebook, due to the quality of the views, and the price is not considered high if we compare it to the rest of the other advertising platforms.