What is the treatment of stomach acidity in pregnant women?

You may hear that your heart changes once you become a mother, but the pregnant woman may not expect that the change will actually be due to the severe acidity that she cannot get rid of during pregnancy. With it, most heartburn medications are not safe during pregnancy, and despite your craving for sauce and pizza, the pregnant body is telling her that it will pay for it later. So, are there home remedies for heartburn during pregnancy that actually help?

What causes heartburn in a pregnant woman?
As you already know by now, pregnancy does some strange things to a woman’s body, heartburn is definitely one of those things that a pregnant woman feels, heartburn during pregnancy is very common, with one study finding that it occurs between 17% to 45% of all pregnancies The majority of pregnant women experience heartburn more often in the first and third trimesters, with heartburn relieving somewhat during the second trimester.


Surprisingly, doctors aren’t entirely sure what causes heartburn during pregnancy, but it’s believed to be a combination of factors, such as hormones that parts of a pregnant woman’s body use to prepare for childbirth, as well as lower pressure in the lower part of the esophagus allowing more acid to move up, and That being said, as you progress in your pregnancy, the greater the pressure on the pregnant woman caused by the increased size of the baby which may contribute even more. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), can be diagnosed and treated by your doctor.

What are the treatments that help with heartburn in pregnant women?
If the heartburn is mild, some lifestyle modifications during pregnancy may help. For example, you can try home remedies, such as:

  • Avoid eating late at night, or before bed or naps.

Raise the head of your bed or try sleeping on supportive pillows to keep your head elevated.

  • Keep a food diary identifying foods that make heartburn worse so you can avoid them.

Avoid common acid-causing foods, such as spicy foods, dairy products, and sauces that contain tomatoes.

  • Reduce your caffeine intake.
  • Eat smaller meals.
  • If you still smoke, stop that activity.
  • Chew gum.
  • Keep your body hydrated.

Unfortunately, studies have found that over-the-counter antacids aren’t really effective at eliminating heartburn, but they are also one of the few over-the-counter medications that pregnant women can take for heartburn, and pregnant women can try antacids to see what If it helps, just make sure you follow the directions and don’t consume more than is recommended for a pregnant woman.

There has also been some research on the effectiveness of using acupuncture as a treatment for heartburn during pregnancy, although the research is limited, and studies conducted so far indicate that while acupuncture does not necessarily get rid of heartburn during pregnancy, it does help women who suffer From sleep and diet as a result of acidity to sleep and eat more easily.

What do pregnant women do if home remedies for acidity of the stomach do not help?
If home remedies that you are trying to treat don’t work for heartburn, and heartburn during pregnancy is affecting your daily life or interfering with your ability to work, sleep, or perform any of your normal functions, you should talk to your doctor, and in some cases, your doctor may be Able to perform additional tests to rule out any other underlying causes of acidity, and may prescribe medication that can help.