4 tips for enjoying your garden even when it's very hot

Do you have a beautiful garden or a magnificent terrace but it’s far too hot to bask in it? It is true that high temperatures do not encourage staying outside. Find some fundamentals to make the most of your outdoors even when the thermometer goes crazy. Water, shade, light (at night), mosquito repellents… and it’s time for the summer barbecue!

#1 Create shade

Make yourself comfortable in a hammock between two trees and, in the soft shade of their foliage, let yourself go for a siesta. The trees in the garden are our best companions to fight the heat.

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To create a romantic and aesthetic corner of shade, consider installing a pergola or gazebo in your garden. The ideal is to cover the pergola with climbing plants with dense foliage such as Virginia creeper and wisteria.

Favorite for the installation of a wooden pergola above your outdoor living room: natural and wild effect in the heart of your garden. Your guests will be delighted to come and have a mint tea in this small shaded area.

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  • In the shade of an umbrella

If you prefer light equipment, dedicated only to the summer period, opt instead for a beautiful umbrella or canopy system. There are many types of parasols depending on the space to be shaded: straight for a garden table, offset or wall-mounted for the garden furniture… Ditto for the canopies, you can above your terrace for example: ideal for taking the breakfast just below!

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#2 Add a water point

With the arrival of heat, it is only natural to want a water point. A pond in your garden will not only bring you a feeling of freshness but also of well-being and serenity. You will observe the ballet of goldfish there while letting yourself be lulled by the sound of water jets or a hypnotic waterfall!

For those who have a terrace, you can create the mini-pool version with a bucket of water and some aquatic plants such as the caltha palustris where the nenuphar.

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  • Install a closed circuit fountain

Thanks to a closed circuit fountain in the heart of your garden, water will be available to you continuously to refresh your body, neck and head. Just like the basin, the fountain helps to create a zen environment beneficial to your well-being.

  • Water games for children

With the searing heat, there’s nothing like water games for children. Buckets, small inflatable pool, assorted cups : everything works when it comes to refreshing our little ones in a playful way.

  • Have you thought about the spa?

For the summer, a setting of 34°C will allow you to enjoy your spa from sunset without suffering from the heat.

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#3 Prioritize convivial moments in the evening

  • A barbecue in the garden tonight?

As night falls, the temperature naturally drops. This is the perfect time to start the plancha or the barbecue. Depending on the region and the temperature, postpone the friendly meeting around 8 p.m. instead of late afternoon, in order to fully enjoy it without anyone complaining about the heat!

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  • It’s all in the light

Leds, candles, spotlights, lanterns… the convivial moments of the evening cannot do without a good lighting. A well-organized circulation of soft light will discreetly but effectively contribute to the success of the evening.

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#4 Scare away unwanted insects

Mosquitoes, flies or wasps often come to disturb us during outdoor meals. Surround yourself with these so-called “repellent” plants against these pests. And for more efficiency, do not hesitate to combine them.

Some repellent plants to install in pots near you and your guests: basil, savorylemon verbena, thyme for the aromatic plants ; scented geranium and lavender for the ornamental side and tomato branches for the recycled side of the vegetable garden!

The lavender, in particular, is a perfect plant to repel mosquitoes and wasps. If you are looking for a natural repellent, both effective and ornamental, do not hesitate to integrate it into the garden, and in pots on a terrace or balcony.

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It would be a shame not to be able to take advantage of its outdoor space when it’s too hot! Fortunately, with a little organization and a few plants, we always end up finding solutions to bask alone, with family or friends in our corner of nature. It’s too hot ? Whatever, we’ll be fine outside!