7 ideas for hot beds: create your “hot-border”

Do you want a colorful garden for the summer season, but you lack ideas? Do not search anymore ! This summer, the trend is “hot border”, this English term which designates flowerbeds all fired up. Yellow, orange, copper, red… Discover 7 ideas for flowery spaces to arrange urgently, to ignite your garden!

#1 Make way for Rudbeckia

Here is a first plant to adopt, ideal for adorning a border or a flower bed on its own, in the “hot border” spirit! Forming towering clumps of leaves in the spring, the Rudbeckia reveals in July, large yellow or orange flowers, similar to daisies and perfect for warming up the garden!

Its little extra? It flourishes continuously until autumn and requires little maintenance. Only plan regular watering in the following days after planting!

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#2 Create an Alley of Pennisetums

The “hot border” also means giving pride of place to grasses. And among them, the Pennisetum is the perfect plant to adorn a contemporary border, a rock garden, or an alley.

Very decorative by its wild and graphic sidethis perennial blooms in summer and autumn (depending on the variety) and then reveals pretty fluffy swabs.

With the Pennisetum, the spectacle is even more continuous… even when during the winter season, frost and frost cover its stems with beauty!

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#3 Adopt the Daylily

To bring a fiery side to your beds, it’s hard to miss I’daylily ! Yellow, orange, red…the flowers of this perennial (which can reach 1 m in height), are not only perfect for warm up a borderbut they have the particularity of renewing themselves daily, which is why the daylily is nicknamed “day lily”.

Very easy to care for, the plant benefits from a long flowering period which extends from June to September, or even October for certain varieties.

#4 Bet on the red Hélénies

The Red helenias are a godsend for gardeners wishing to compose a bed with warm colors! Red, orange, lemon yellow, golden… The flamboyant colors flowers of this perennial (cousin of the daisy), ignite your beds until the first frosts.

Very simple to maintain, they only require regular watering, as well as a cut of their stems at ground level at the end of autumn.

#5 Compose a massif of Achilles

There are many varieties of plants to grow for a “hot border” spirit in the garden! But among them, hybrid yarrowwith red or yellow flowers, are distinguished by their exceptional ability to color our beds from June to October!

Able to withstand negative temperatures, these bushy perennials are not afraid of harsh winters and can therefore be grown in most regions of France. What more ?

#6 Opt for a grove of red monardes

A grove of flamboyant flowers, anyone? If so, urgently adopt the red monardaa perennial that knows how to stand out in the garden!

With its bouquets of flared flowers, similar to ruffled pom pomsit is perfect for composing a flowerbed with frenzied tones all summer long.

Its maintenance is also very easy: water regularly in times of drought and remove faded flowers to prolong flowering.

#7 Set up a small corner of Dahlias

Here is one last flower that does not fail to bring petulance and fantasy to your clumps!

Featuring a wide variety of shapes and colors, the Dahlia is almost self-sufficient to give height to your borders and flower beds all summer long. Discover its symbolism in our article: Flower language: the meaning of summer flowers

Combine them with a wide range of lower plants, such as echinacea, or even red helenies.

Advice : Combine them with red, yellow or “cream of cognac” dahlias… and you have a bed in the “hot border” spirit!

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Finally, to create beautiful beds in the garden, don’t forget to play on colors, textures and vary the heights, for example by placing the tallest plants at the back. And why not carry the fiery colors of summer into fall? Virginia creeper, lily, Japanese maple… you’re spoiled for choice!