Benefits of Owning a Dog for Children

On many occasions we have heard relatives or acquaintances say that they could not have their pet with them when they had a newborn at home. To such an extent was this concern that they would get rid of their pets to protect the baby. It has even been thought that the ideal was to maintain an environment as sterile as possible when there was a baby at home.

Studies conducted by Wayne County Health, Environment, Allergy and Asthma Longitudinal Study (WHEALS) show that the immune system is created to be exposed to bacteria on a large scaleand therefore, if these exposures are minimized, the immune system will not be able to develop correctly.

What are the benefits of a child having a dog?

  • Reduces the risk of allergies and respiratory problems

Having a dog or a cat in the first year of a baby’s life reduces the risk of allergies and respiratory problems and ear infections in the future.

  • Another benefit for the little one is the cardiovascular wellness. Owning a dog can reduce stress, blood pressure and heart rate, which leads to a healthier heart.
  • A study from the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine shows that a baby who lives with a dog and, in addition, has an allergy to dogs, is four times less likely to have eczema.
They are great companions for activities that lead to an active and healthy life
  • As children grow, dogs bring them more benefits. They are great companions outdoor activities, running and playing together, leading to an active and healthy life.

What does a dog teach a child?

  • Some little ones have reading problems or autism, and pets help them overcome it. According to a study by the University of Montreal, the stress hormones of a child with autism are drastically reduced. With less anxiety, he gains confidence, develops better, and overcomes small obstacles more easily. makes children grow calmer and more self-confident.
  • A pet helps children learn social skills, control your impulses and even improve your self-esteem and feel safe. It favors the cognitive, socio-emotional and physical development of children.
pet and baby
Having a pet during the first year of a baby’s life reduces the risk of allergies, respiratory problems and ear infections in the future.
  • Also, they are great allies in conciliation between brothers. You can help them to be more united, play together with her pet, take care of her and take care of her in equal parts. They are a point of union that helps them care for animals responsibly.
  • The child learns to develop a sense of responsibility and take care of your best friend. They must learn not to disturb him while he sleeps, to bathe him, to put the plate of food, to pamper him and love him, etc. The benefit? Having a faithful and unconditional friend who only wants to love you.
  • helps them learn non-verbal communicationsince with animals they cannot speak.

How does a dog influence the life of a child?

In infants and toddlers helps them in their cognitive development as enjoy the sensory aspects of animals and learn about them.

From the age of 4, children are able to understand that their pet is a great friend who lives with him as one of the family. They develop a sense of empathy and a feeling of responsibility develops.

Having a pet at home with a baby or child is highly recommended.

If they are followed correctly vaccination schedules and internal and external deworming of dogs and cats, the risk of disease transmission is significantly reduced. You veterinary He will always advise you on the care you should have with your pet.

It is important that the child has hygiene habits to minimize these risks (wash your hands before eating, after playing, wash the objects that the pet may have touched and that the child has to use, do not let the dog climb on top of the bed, etc.). These habits will serve you for the rest of everyday life that does not have to do with the pet.

With all these data we can say that having a dog or a cat at home, with a baby or a child, is totally recommended. The benefits are many and you help a living being to have a home and be happy.

And if you adopt it, the benefit is much greater!

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