How to make my cat love me?

I know this article may seem like it has a funny touch, but for many cat lovers, it’s a subject that worries them a lot and they want to do everything possible so that their cat loves them. The main problem is in the continuous comparison with the other friend of the human being, the dog.

Cats are not smaller dogs, they they have different communication skills than dogs, and they show affection and affection towards us in ways that we sometimes do not understand. They may not look for us constantly, but when they want to, they always end up receiving attention and affection. In this article I am going to help you better understand the behavior of your cats and improve your relationship. At least I’ll do my best, then you also have to have some luck.

How do I know if my cat loves me?

The first thing is to understand our cat. Before adopting a cat, you have to know very well what its nature is so as not to be disappointed later. Although they depend on us (food, care, veterinarian, etc.), cats appreciate having independence and they need to have some time each day to do “cat things” that we are not involved in. Also, each cat has a different personalityand for this reason, a first step to increase the bond with our partner is to accept him as he is, and try to discover what we can do to spend more time with him, if that is what we are looking for.

A cat’s displays of affection cannot be compared to those of a dog, however, they have a very clear body language. They usually lie on their backs, stretching close to us as a sign of confidence, rubbing on our legs or looking at us to attract attention. Vocalizations are also important, quiet, high-pitched purring or meowing are very common expressions when comfortable and they like the situation. We can try to spend time with them getting them used to brushing, creating a routine, for example, at night if we are more at home, also taking advantage of this time to play for a while.

Reasons why my cat does not love me.

Although it is difficult for our cat not to love us, and the most common problem is that we do not realize how he shows us affection, there are situations in which the bond has not yet been created or there is some cause behind it:

  • He doesn’t know you well yet. It is normal that, at first, after an adoption, our new partner does not feel comfortable with us and prefers to stay in a safe place in the house most of the time. We need to be patient in order to establish a good relationship with him, give him his space and see the signs he shows us of what he likes the most.
  • You are too loving and/or heavy. Overwhelming and imposing moments of affection or caresses on your cat is not a good option to get closer to him. Overprotection and our desire to receive love can mean that our cat runs away from us or gets tired of us. Let’s not forget that some cats are less affectionate or close and we must respect it, without forcing them.
  • He has related you to a bad experience. Unfortunately, some cats have had bad experiences on the street, in shelters, or even during their first days at home. If we are too harsh or punish in a negative way many times, they will associate our presence with something negative. The best option is to educate them using positive reinforcement, that is, rewarding good behavior with attention or food.
  • a sudden change. Taking our cat out of his comfort zone or modifying his routine (eating, playing, resting, etc.) can affect our relationship with him, since they love to have everything under control. Changes are stressful for cats.
  • You don’t give him the care he needs. The problem may be the stress that the cat lives with because of us, for not understanding its needs, or for not giving it enough care.
  • He is sick. Very important. Elusive and surly behavior can be a sign of illness. As owners, we have to make sure they are kept in good health, vaccinated and dewormed.

How can I make my cat love me more?

As I have explained in this article, The first step is to understand our cat’s attitude and try to discover how we can create a stronger bond with him.. It is important to give him space and dedicate time to him, without forcing any situation, and get his attention with games and prizes. Sometimes, everything changes simply by improving their environment and including areas in the house for them: scratching posts, boxes or hiding places, hunting games or toys with food inside to entertain them. Monitor your health and be aware of any changes in your routine it is also important, a stressed or sick cat will not be able to show us his affection as we want.

If you have already had cat friends, you will know that they are special animals, each one different from the rest, almost mystical, but whatever they are, you want them forever in your life. And if you haven’t had the fortune to share your life with a cat, you don’t know what you’re missing.