Masterson method, an approach to physiotherapeutic massage in horses

The so-called Masterson Method helps to improve the physical condition of horses through the preventive treatment of injuries. It is a therapeutic massage technique that helps to relax the muscles, favoring their recovery, reducing muscle tension and helping to improve the trust of horses in their caretakers.

In recent years the equine physiotherapy it has gained great popularity thanks to its significant benefits for both horses and riders. A horse with muscles and a skeleton in perfect condition is a well-balanced animal.something essential so that the weight of the animal is distributed properly throughout its body.

Equine physiotherapy actively helps in the improvement and healing of injuries, helping the recovery of certain tissues, avoiding the loss of muscle mass after prolonged rest and mobilizing the structures in a controlled manner.

Physiotherapy sessions improve the sports performance of horses, being a very interesting and useful option for horses from different disciplines. However, until recently these techniques were only used to recover from injuries or illnesses.

In order to prevent these problems, the Masterson Method, an innovative massage technique whose objective is to eliminate the tensions that the horse accumulates, allowing all muscle groups to work relaxed and thereby avoiding overexertion in bones and joints.

The creator of the Method

The Masterson Method owes its name to its creator Jim Mastersonwho worked for years as a horse groomer on the North American show jumping circuit.

It was by observing equine physical therapists like Masterson discovered that the horses showed behaviors that coincided with certain manipulations of the specialists.

The creator of the Masterson Method

In 1998 Jim began working with the horses in his care, discovering that the animals themselves could help detect which areas accumulated tension so that his body was able to actively participate in the release of it.

Between 2004 and 2013 Jim Masterson worked with the horses that made up the elite of show jumping competitions and in 2006 collaborated with the American Trail Team at the World Equestrian Games held in Germany. Such was the success of his therapy that Masterson repeated his presence at Malaysia 2008, Lexington 2010, England 2012 and France 2014.

With all the experience accumulated in 2016 he published the book “The Masterson Method”which contains the bases of your therapeutic massage. After this Jim and his collaborators have continued to give training seminars all over the world.

How the Masterson Method works

This method is based on the horse’s own body is able to show where it has muscular tensionswhich makes it easier for the therapist to work to release them.

This method is greatly influenced by traditional Chinese medicine, which proclaims that there are a series of pathways in the body -meridians- through which energy circulates. When these pathways are blocked is when diseases appear.

How the Masterson Method works

The Masterson Method is designed to work with various areas of the horse’s body. There is a first general manipulation and later it is passed to the specific exercises for head and neck, back and front limbs and back-rump and hind limbs.

The work with each area is different, there are exercises where the manipulation is gentle and others where the manipulation is more intense. At all times The therapist’s intuition is essential that with slight facial or body responses the horse will look for the areas of tension, help to relax them and confirm the complete release of tension.

It is a minimally invasive and very safe technique, suitable for all types of horses. regardless of your health status and age. The release of tension allows the muscles to relax, preventing injuries, improving performance and eliminating pain or discomfort in the animals, so that they are more relaxed and willing to work.

Secondly, the connection necessary to perform this technique makes horses develop enormous trust with peoplestrengthening bonds with humans.

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