Norwegian Fjord, the World's Oldest Mountain Pony Breed

The Fjord horse is a breed of mountain pony with a sure and agile step. It is the Saint Bernard of horses.

It is one of the oldest and purest European breeds of the world. In Norway, rock engravings have been found, ancient horse and pony fights organized by Vikings, who also used to use Fjord Norway as a light draft horse.

Let’s see the main characteristics of this peculiar breed of pony.

Origin of the Norwegian Fjord

The origin of this mysterious pony dates back to Norway, more specifically towards the western part of the country. It is considered as one of the oldest races on Earth.

Norwegian Fjord Pony.

For a long time, the peasants chose the Norwegian Fjord to work on their land, collect grass and wood, and to move from one town to another.

from 1950 this breed was exported throughout Europe. Currently, in Francethere are quite a few specimens, especially in the region of Alsacewhere it is used for horse riding and tourism.

physical characteristics

Their layer can be Elizabethanthat is, yellow coat with black mane, or alobunada, black and brown fur. The manes stand out for being lighter than the coat.

The head has a concave profile in which some big eyes with a placid look. Their muscular neck it is quite short and its legs are very robust despite being short.

How tall is a Fjord horse?

The height of the Norwegian Fjord measures between 1.32 and 1.42 meters.

Norwegian Fjord Pony.

How is the character of the Fjord Horse

The Norwegian Fjord is usually docile usually. It’s about a robust, brave and very resistant ponyespecially at low temperatures. In Alaska, he lives outdoors and withstands temperatures down to -40 ºC.

Norwegian Fjord Utility

The Norwegian Fjord worked in the mines Y transported mail in its origins. Today, it is still very helpful in some farm work. In the vineyards, for example, it sometimes replaces the tractor.

norwegian fjord horse

A quite interesting and current curiosity is that the Norwegian Fjords pull carts to take tourists to the great briksdal glacierone of Norway’s most famous tourist spots.

It’s about a pony perfect for hiking or going for a walk. It is also apt to different dressage and vaulting competitions.

In Norway, this breed is better known as fjordhestwhich means horse of the fjords. Fjord It refers to a fault of the coast in which the sea is introduced.

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