the hairiest race celebrates 9 editions

The goal of the Run with your Dog race, the only one of its kind in Guanajuato, is to support rescued animals

Juana Adriana Rocha

Guanajuato.- ‘Run with your dog’ helped Animal Heart Foundation to crystallize a dream: the construction of a sanctuary for homeless animals, the only one of its kind in the entire state of Guanajuato.

On September 25, the event will celebrate its 9th edition, after two years of being suspended due to the pandemic. The participants are eager to cross the finish line again: to help and share a little love with those who need it most.

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the dream grows

Corazón Animal emerged in Guanajuato capital in 2011, thanks to the initiative of Paulina Abascal. The foundation promotes through different actions the adoption and responsible ownership of pets.

In 2012 they organized ‘Run with your dog’ for the benefit of its first rescued animals, and in order to promote the project of a refuge.

Abascal relates that at that time they had 17 participants who gathered in the vicinity of the Pot Dam.

Animal Heart Foundation. Photo: Special

The race did not go unnoticed and every year it added followers. In the fourth edition the number of registrations reached 700and the circuit was extended to the historic center.

Along with the popularity of the event, the needs of the foundation grew. For its fifth year, ‘Run with your dog’ was formalized in order to get sponsorships.

Since then, participants have been offered a kit, which more than a souvenir is a reward for contributing their grain of sand against the abandonment and abuse of animals. Each commemorative medal and t-shirt is a reminder that much remains to be done, but it is always possible to help.

coexistence, not competition

In the words of Paulina Abascal, the race is more of a coexistence than a competition. It became an example that teamwork pays off, and that citizens are capable of uniting and organizing for good reasons. The efforts of dozens of volunteers, local businesses, veterinarians, activists and responsible owners make it possible.

“I think that the foundation has achieved with this race to generate a value that is sometimes only seen in large commercial brands, it is very rare to see it in a civil association. And I deeply believe that the success of this race has always been to give continuity and follow-up to a project that was the refuge, and until recently, the new concept of sanctuary”, Abascal points out.

The eighth edition, in 2019, featured 1,127 petsa figure that proves what Paulina tells us about this dynamic: “has grown organically”.

run with your dog
Photo: Special

Mission accomplished

‘Run with your dog’ entails not only a titanic logistical task. It also involves a chain of responsibilities that show that the objectives of Corazón Animal are being met.

Over the years, society has changed its mentality regarding pets. The fact of joining an event like this says a lot: healthy dogs under the care of responsible humans share a unique experience.

“What is most perceived in this career are adopted dogs. People already encourage the fact of adopting without putting a condition of a race. Yes, purebred dogs also predominate. It is a beautiful display. (…) It is really surprising to see the number of people who gather at the event, knowing that no one is going for a prize, from the beginning everyone is already a winner”, describes Pauline.

everything is ready

The Diego Rivera access will be the venue this September 25. Medical services for humans and dogs, the sale of ecological products, accessories, and other attractions will be installed on the esplanade of the road to maintain a family atmosphere.

The ‘lomitos’ and their companions will be distributed in three categories: Petit, one kilometer long for small dogs; Master Dog, three kilometers long for those who have sufficient physical condition; and the Free, which includes people who do not have a pet and 100% athletic dogs.

Next year a free category will be opened for pets with disabilities or other motor problems.

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The cost of the tickets is 400 pesos. The points of sale can be consulted on the social networks of Corazón Animal.

The foundation does not receive government resources. The race implies a cost proportional to the quality of the event, and all the money received from the good will of the runners supports the sanctuary that is already a reality. The venue survives the hard blow of the pandemic, so it needs more help than ever.

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