This is how dogs cry

In Spain Dogs are everyone’s favorite pets. However, there are many times that we do not know why they do certain things and what we should do to help them. For example, at the San Juan festivities in summer, many firecrackers, flyers, rockets are usually launched… This is very scary for most of the furry ones and many times we do not know what to do to calm them down. In fact, there are people who wouldn’t know how to recognize even if a dog is crying, especially, it happens to those who don’t have a dog… Therefore, if you want to delve into the canine world, here we explain what the crying of a dog is like a dog.

how dogs cry

Dogs cry, that’s a fact. However, his way of crying is not the same as how people cry. In fact, can dogs shed tears? Not really. The way a dog cries is by emitting a unique sound which resembles a mix between a moan and a howl.

As our dogs do not usually shed tears, if there are secretions in the eyes, these will be due to some other reason. Among which may be the presence of an infection in the eye area, changes in humidity levels or temperature in the environment, some gases emitted in the environment or excess sun, which leads to the eyes needing to be hydrated. .

why my dog ​​cries

1. You leave home

First of all, it is very likely that your dog will cry when you leave home. This is what is called as separation anxiety. What happens here is that the dog experiences an attachment disorder and therefore feels bad (stressed, frustrated, in danger…) if he is not with his owner. This usually happens because he has not been properly educated when he was a puppy or because he has been separated from his mother very early.

2. Want something

In many other cases, crying is a way to communicate a need. For example, there may be a situation where your dog cries because he wants something as simple as filling his bowl with food or taking him out for a walk. In any case, it must be taken into account that this is not a “healthy” way of asking for things, and therefore, it may happen that the animal is not well or that, in general, its needs are not usually met.

3. You want to attract attention

Thirdly, this practice may be common as a way of attracting attention. This evidently occurs after a typical learning of classical conditioning: the dog has learned that if he cries, you pay attention to him. However, we must avoid this, since it is not psychologically healthy behavior either.

4. He is afraid he is nervous

Also keep in mind that just like people, dogs can cry because they are experiencing negative feelings. For example, it may be the case that the dog has not had a correct socialization in his puppy stage and now experiences fear and nerves for any situation as simple as meeting someone he does not know. This should be avoided with a good education during the first months. In any case, beyond this, the dog can feel fear due to many other bad experiences and for this reason, we must attend to it and try to reduce its suffering.

5. Feels bad

Physical pain is one of the most primary. In such a way that AnimalWised explains that a dog can cry because he is simply experiencing physical pain. “ORn A sick dog or a dog in pain is likely to cry, especially when it is touched or leans on the painful area, such as an ear due to otitis or a leg due to a wound. We can examine him and go to the vet. If our dog suddenly cries a lot lately, the pain hypothesis becomes more plausible.”

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