What are the dog breeds that best withstand the heat?

The onset of high summer temperatures makes us think about how our furry will cope with heat waves and extreme temperatures. Since Spain is a country with a warm climate for the most part, taking it into account when choosing a canine companion can be decisive in order to enjoy it to the fullest during the four seasons of the year.

Spain is a country with a warm climate where, except during the winter, in the rest of seasons medium and high temperatures can occur that easily, especially in the summer, can exceed 30ºC.

This feature should be taken into account when choosing the breed of our pet. If we observe the dogs of each country we will see that in cold regions these have dense fur, while on the contrary in warm regions dogs tend to have shorter coats and skin that is more resistant to the sun’s rays.

Choosing a heat-resistant breed in a country with a hot climate like Spain will allow, on the one hand, that coat maintenance much easier, since most of them do not require a haircut. For another we will be able to enjoy our partner throughout the year with minimal precautions very similar to ours (hydrate well and avoid the hottest hours).

These are some of the dog breeds that best withstand the heat:

Most of these dogs come from warm regions, hence their coat is fine. There is hardly any fat under their skin, which prevents them from accumulating heat..

Within this group we can find increasingly common breeds such as the Spanish greyhound, but also more exotic dogs such as the Saluki (Persian greyhound)the azawakh or the Sloughi (Arabian greyhound).

Although its origin is German its physical characteristics make it especially resistant to heat.

It has short hair and resistant, dark skin, which reduces the risk of sunburn.

It is a highly appreciated native breed and by law a natural symbol of the island of Gran Canaria.

Presa or Dogo Canario cataloged as ppp

It is a hardy dog ​​with a coat that allows it to withstand the tropical climate typical of this area.

Coming from the warm areas of Mexico, this breed, despite its delicate appearance, it has a great resistance to heat, especially the darker coated animals who suffer fewer sunburns and skin problems.

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It is a breed native to Australia with an appearance reminiscent of the Dingo, a wild canid that only lives on this continent.

has a double mantle that insulates you perfectly from the heatwhich allows it to adapt well to hot climates such as that of our country.

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