Why do dogs always remember their owners?

It’s official, in Spain there are more dogs than children. Among other reasons, because they are ideal animals with which to create a strong bond over time… In fact, can a dog forget its owner? This question can be linked to another: How long does a dog’s memory last? For those who do not know, dogs have long-term and short-term memory, as well as associative memory, which is more powerful than their retention capacity. In such a way that we know that dogs do have memory, but not like humans, associative memory being the most frequent in them. However, there are things that are impossible for them to forget. Are we humans part of that unforgettable part?

Why do dogs never forget their owners?

In the first place, it must be taken into account that dogs have a short term memory (also called working memory) and also a long term memory However, these hardly use their long-term memory, rather their memory is mainly, associative and based on moments of your present. That is, dogs do not live in the past, but for them there is only the present.

In what has to do with her long term memorythis is linked with regards of some significant events that the dog has experienced. This has to do with experiments and studies that have shown that dogs are able to react positively when they are reunited with animals with whom they have lived, and in a very special way, when they have reunited with their ancient owners.

Since dogs cannot think of the past, if a dog remember an owner who is no longer present in your life will do so by association, not by choice. It is important to keep in mind that dogs do not live like us. This is how Animal Expert explains it: “Dogs live in the moment. They have the ability to learn to live every day with what they have.”

Dogs remember their owners through their sensory ability. This has to do with the fact that, for example, your dog can remember you if he sniffs something related to the experiences you have had together. It is then that the symbolic perception of you appears in his mind.

In the same way, AnimalWised explains that a dog can experience mourning for the loss of its caregiver. “The bond that is established between dog and caregiver is very deep. If for us the death of our dog is a serious blow, it is not uncommon that dogs also go through their own duel.”

Dogs interpret what is happening through the information they collect from people. Animal Expert tells that: “In addition, you have to know that they they are experts in reading our language bodily. This means that, although they have not witnessed the death or do not understand it as such, they do perceive that the family suffers and that pain reaches them.”

In short, dogs say that a dog will never forget to his deceased caregiver. However, dogs are experts at adapting to circumstances. In this way, they can get used to enjoying life without that important person in their life, as long as they find another family that takes care of their needs and cares about their well-being.

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