Why should you adopt one?

If you are thinking about which pet to incorporate into the family, an option that few people consider, but that turns out to be a success, is the greyhound. It is an animal historically used for the very lucrative dog races, an athlete. But behind his characteristic appearance and his fabulous abilities hides a sweet, docile and patient animal that is a wonderful pet that adapts very easily to the routine of a family.

In fact, it is one of the first dogs domesticated by man. Already in Egypt, Tutankhamun’s pet was one of these animals that was embalmed when the pharaoh died to be buried with him so that he could accompany him to the other world.

particular physiognomy

His body is shaped like an “inverted S”, formed by a deep chest that gently curves to a narrow waist.

They possess a perfect anatomy that is described by the American Kennel Club: “From the narrow, streamlined skull to the shock-absorbing pads on their paws, Greyhounds are perfectly built for high speed. His body is shaped like an inverted ‘S’, formed by a deep chest that curves gently to a narrow waist. This allows them to bend their bodies so that each step takes them beyond the full length of the body.

The greyhound is a great sprinter, it is one of the fastest animals on the planet, occupying the eighteenth position among the fastest. According to Stanley Coren, psychology professor and dog behavior expert, in his Psychology Today post, “When Usain Bolt set his 100-meter world record, he was running at a speed of 44 km/h and covered that distance in 9.58 seconds. A greyhound would complete the same race in 5.33 seconds.


Lima and Astro enjoy their new life after being rescued from abandonment


But his real talent lies in his ability to go from rest to a speed of 72 km/h in his first six steps. This feat can only be matched in the wild by the cheetah. Your heart is a giant organ compared to your body, since it accounts for 1.7% of your body weight and is capable, while running, of recirculating all the blood in your body in just six seconds and increasing your lung capacity up to 37 times.

Greyhounds can seem lazy, due to the fact that they are able to rest for at least eighteen hours a day; a laziness that is not a whim, but a way to save and recover energy.

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Greyhounds were once a status symbol that not everyone could afford. Even in the Middle Ages there was a law that forbade peasants to own one of these animals. It was so valuable that killing one carried the same punishment as if the victim had been a person. Sadly, things have changed a lot and today there are many that are used for hunting and then abandoned when their active life ends and they are no longer useful for the purpose for which they were acquired.

ACUNR Catalonia is an organization that fights for the rights of these animals. They protect and defend greyhounds in need, rescuing them and promoting their adoption.